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  1. I'm joining, I have to. Dragon-Trap Poisonwing Pronouns: She/her Leafspeak Strength: 9 Occupation in the Village: Hunter Personality: Ruthless, Rude, aggressive, short-tempered Description: She got into a lot of near-death situations and got out of them, making her tough as nails! Appearance:
  2. "Orchid!" He shouted. "What is this place and why are we here?"
  3. "Hey! who are you?" He said quietly
  4. He stuck his head out of the bards to look around into the other cell.
  5. He ran to the front of his cell once again. Maybe it was orchid!
  6. "Lets go say hello to the queen! She'll understand that you're here!"
  7. He seemed sad and went to the back of his cell again.
  8. He ran to the bars and stuck his head out. He looked closely at all the cells.
  9. (all good! sorry if that sounded a bit harsh...) "oh..." He looked around at all the cells and then went to the back of his own.
  10. @Broken please it feels like your ignoring this If you have any sort of explanation, I will probably understand.
  11. /"Lets go in!" He said, holding her talon and swimming in.
  12. "It's ok! We're allowed to look at it!"
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