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  1. I can tell you how the story goes If I die, if I just get old Altogether, all alone, all alone, all alone Like your mother and your father too All grown up and they're just like you And you're going to do it all anew Better run for the hills, run for the hills, run - Welcome to Jackrabbit!!! yes, there's a prophecy, yes you get to be apart of it. but, you have to have specific prefixes based on your role. - When the marsh fills with blood, a rabbit will guide the way. The storm and rain will obscure the stars from view and the clouds will flood the clans. - CLANS https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gdW29ws1csDtT1NNtfWWus43_qQskLJP8kSiVdzy-Fs/edit?usp=sharing - PLAYERS RABBIT- @takoyamaaaS name - rabbitfoot clan - gullclan gender/pronouns- female, she/her orientation - bisexual shipping - sure personality - arrogant, aloof, intelligent, natural-born leader, sly looks (ignore the name on the picture lmao) - other - a little rat. will beat you up STORM- @Modiano Ourania Name- Stormpaw Clan- MoonClan Gender/Pronouns- Molly, She/Aer Orientation- Omni Shipping?- Yes Personality- Insecure, loyal, brave, self deprecating, modest, honest, paranoid Looks- Other- Lighter eye is blind. Has a mane. Prolly has a kittypet parent ae doesn't know about. Close to warrior age RAIN- @Pancake Name- RainSpiral Clan- GroveClan Gender/Pronouns- He/They Orientation- panromantic Asexual Shipping?- sure why not Personality- stoic & quiet, strong-willed, dangerous if needed, kind of scary to people who aren’t close to him, gets emotionally attached to people easily, horrible at letting go/moving on, chronically misses people, very protective, never knows when to stop, not good at admitting he’s struggling, stubborn, tough, tries to be friendly (it’s doesn’t work very well), intimidating, loyal, determined, confident but knows his limits, Looks- Other- TS: Dark Red - Steve Lacy, has killed, sharp teeth, physically bulky & strong, willing to die for his clan, has a great death stare, usually his pale coat is splattered with mud (for camouflage & also because it’s hard to keep it off), HATES traitors and the likes, good sense of direction CLOUD- @polly Name- cloudcrash Clan- gullclan Gender/Pronouns- nonbinary, they/she Orientation- lesbian Shipping?- yeah sure!! Personality- confident and outspoken Looks- (their patterns are a lighter grey then pictured in image) Other- dfgjfkgfklsdjfggvbkxdk - FORM Name- (Rabbit___, Storm___, Rain___, or Cloud___) Clan- Gender/Pronouns- Orientation- Shipping?- Personality- (at least 1 positive and 1 negative trait) Looks- Other-
  2. !!Gore warning!! Astraion had deep scratches, seeming to be from a hand about the size of a person, but claw-like. The blood hadn't yet clotted, seeming to be fresh. There were obvious chunks taken out of him. What you had failed to notice from a distance, though, was what truly killed him. A stab mark seeming to be from some kind of branch. Jack, meanwhile, had the same puncture wounds from before. Upon closer inspection it seemed... messier, almost as if whatever was used to create it was dulled. !!Gore warning!!
  3. anywayyysssss time for me forgetting to post my art here so now I'm going to spam my artwork 👍 "album cover" my guitar instructor wanted me to make for a song I'm writing Amanita the mooshroom Refs for Harrier, a bugcat like icarus and sage also she's a bully SPEAKING OF SAGE Citrus Haiku (avster's character lmao) SODAAAA!!! !!GORE/BLOOD WARNING!!
  4. @Cozy Fawn @distorted fawn @takoyamaaaS respond 😡 /lh
  5. just testing something don't mind meeee good song go listen to it anyways I have some edits I need to make
  6. spotify wrapped time SPEEDRUN???????????????????? /neg haha funny GOOD SONG GOOD MUSICCC expected toby fox, I am a true Penelope scott fan ok toby fox was second Final thing
  7. You are not crazy dw!! Just want to crumple them into a little ball /pos
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