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  1. /vent

    (gonna do a censor cause yes)







    I feel sad and uncomfortable and I don't like it. People are arguing and nobody seems happy and I just want it to stop. I want to make everyone happy, but I have no idea how to. Somebody is obsessing over once of my characters and making me uncomfortable, another person tried to associate mental disorders with another one of my characters and I hate it.

    I'm stressed from school, there's so much I'm pushing myself to do and I need a break of some kind, but these forums are just about my entire life at this point, I can barely go an hour without it if I don't have plans.

    I want peace on the forums, but don't know how to get to it...


    1. Pancake


      I don’t know if I have contributed to any of this but if I have a deeply apologize, I hope you feel better ❤️

    2. GreenTheGreat


      You had nothing to do with this my beloved, thank you.

    3. Zixvir


      I just think that clover isn't completely evil so I went to mental health. I'll try to not talk about mental health anymore since it seems to be making everyone uncomfortable. Also warped is only attached to clover like this in the Rp I think but I might be wrong.

      At this point we all need a hug.

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