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  1. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR stole my line welcome to hell friend or foe!
  2. the forum games section isn't allowed on my chromebook nothing else, I can still go to the topics in the forum games, it's just I can't go to the section itself lmao
  3. Hiiiii nestieeee what fandoms are you in?? and do you enjoy making ocs and roleplaying with them?
  4. aka they just accidentally voted for themselves cause they're sleep deprived
  5. Welcome to hell friend or foe!
  6. Scavengers murdered my children So I'm murdering them
  7. HEY GUYSSS WASSUP (I'll be slow to respond btw)
  8. I will commit kill 😡 (/lh btw lmao)
  9. I am going to commit a murder I get an email every time I get mentioned
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