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  1. 8 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    So, a long time ago, the god of Death and the Goddess of Life had twins, two baby girls named Star and Sirin. Star was always the favorite. She had the better grades, the better fighting skills, the better communication skills. Star was always her parent's favorite, but despite this, Star and Sirin still remained close. At fancy parties, they would steal sweets and hide under tables, make fun of god's haircut, and would stay up late and talk about life. Everything changed one day, however. The gods had been concerned with the stability of Elysium (The realm of the gods), and tiny cracks between worlds began opening up. Star and Sirin had been playing in the forest one day. Star dared Sirin to chase her, and Star, not watching where she was going, tripped and fell, tumbling down the side of a hill and falling into one of these cracks between worlds. Sirin watched, tears in her eyes, as Star disappeared. (I won't say what happened to her, bc thats her story). Sirin ran back home, frantically trying to explain to her parents what happened. Her parents were furious, and blamed Sirin for what happened to Star, and how she should have been a better older sister. Sirin tried to help by showing her parents where the crack was, but nothing could be done. Star was gone.

    In fury, Sirin's parents kicked her out. She was sent to live on the streets of Elysium as a teenager. The kind gods of Wealth and the Sea took her in, and homeschooled her in history, theft, stealth, combat, and how to use her newfound water powers. She was happy with them, and they had grown to love her as their own daughter. Until chaos struck. 20 years after Star's death, a giant rift in Elysium opened, and Star reappeared. Crazed by dark magic and her thirst for revenge on everyone for abandoning her, Star attacked Elysium. The gods cursed her, and she was banished again. (I wont go into detail, spoliers) Sirin was furious at herself, and felt her sister's collapse into madness was her fault. She researched the curse that was cast on her sister, and began staying up, trying to master the power to travel between worlds. 5 years after Star's disappearance, she cracked the formula. She only said goodbye to her adoptive parents, and boarded a boat. She had no way of finding Star, so her hopes were to surf the worlds until she found Star. She sailed the worlds, and took in other abandoned and neglected creatures. Eventually, Sirin and her group branded themselves as pirates, using what she learned from her adoptive parents to steal and provide a living for her crew. One day, Sirin was faced with adversaries. A huge sea monster wrecked her ship. She was thrown overboard and fell into the portal she and her crew were going to travel through.

    She found herself in a lush world, filled with various types of creatures who all welcomed her with open arms. She asked them about Star, and was met with not too friendly reactions. She began to keep the fact that Star was her sister a secret, but knew that she had been to this world. She found out that Star's life force had been bond to a book, and that she could be defeated if her book was destroyed. Sirin didn't want to kill Star, and began traveling the world to try and find her sister. Sirin began scouring the world to find Star, not knowing the trouble her sister was getting herself into. When Sirin returned, she learned that Star and her book were missing. Until, eventually, Sirin encountered her sister. After befriending a young shark boy named Citurs, Star learned that her sister had come to find her. Sirin tried to explain why she was there, but Star wouldn't listen. She was convinced that Sirin was there to kill her. The two fought, and Sirin was overpowered by Star. She retreated back to her home where she and Cirtus lived, trying to find the possessor of Star's book so she can bring their rivalry to an end.

    (the fact that half of this was made up on the spot bc i forgot all her lore-)



    she's really gotta find North bruh

    (cough cough citrus might know a thing or two about North cough cough)



  2. Just now, Heather Chandler said:

    wait if i wrote my oc's stories here would people actually care/read them

    bc ive been wanting to write stuff abt star and iris and sullivain and literally every oc ive ever created but ive never done it


  3. 3 minutes ago, Andromeda_ said:

    The helicopter shifted its focus towards you. A hook stretched out from the bottom of the copter and shot towards you. You started dashing away, but the copter was on your tail.

    "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP" She shouted, going faster

  4. 2 hours ago, Andromeda_ said:

    The helicopters were snatching mythical creatures from the ground and the sky. Everyone tried to scatter in different directions. You noticed one of your friends, another harpy named Aella, was being chased by a helicopter.

    She decided to grab a pretty big rock and throw it at the propellers of the helicopter

  5. 17 minutes ago, Andromeda_ said:

    @Artificer -Green- 

    You were flying above the mythical grove, keeping a bird's eye view of the area, and looking for places where you could cause chaos next. Suddenly, you heard screams echo from the grove, and noticed helicopters just a little below you... 

    "what the?-" She said quietly. She dove to see what this was about

  6. Name: Vaelia

    Species: Harpy

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Appearance: A large harpy with dark skin, fluffy black hair, and dark green clothing. Her outfit constantly changes. Her wings are stunning amber and brown colors. And her eyes are also amber

    Abilities: flight, idk bro that's kinda it

    Other: would kidnap somebody in a heartbeat. Chaotic creature.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain shrugged. "Well if you know my name, and you're so bent on killing both of us, can't you just tell us yours. I mean its not like were gonna live to remember."

    The Earthborn chuckled. "You haven't changed a bit Sullivain." he clutched at his chest mockingly. "I'm hurt, I would have thought you'd remember me. But then again, you did lost a lot of blood that day." the Earthborn shrugged, and bowed. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the one they call Gaia."

    Shock hit Sullivain like an arrow through his heart.

    Angel glanced over at Sullivain. He could feel his fear radiating from him, and hated it. They were gonna die, he just knew it...

    He kept attempting to back up more, still shaking out of fear. 

  8. 35 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain began to slowly back up. He had the strangest feeling of deja vu, like he had seen this Earthborn before. The earth man stalked closer and closer to Sullivain and Angel, his footsteps shaking the floor whenever the two collided.

    "Who are you?" Sullivain asked. The Earthborn chuckled. "That's not important right now. What matters is you two have become obstacles in my plan. So, I'm here to get rid of you. Its simple, really."

    Sullivain tried to play dumb. "Why? Because were not Earthborn? We're just normal teenagers who were trying to live here and avoid being killed. But now, it looks like my dreams are going to be crushed."

    The Earthborn laughed. "You know exactly what you are Sullivain."

    Sullivain felt a chill go down his spine. How does he know my name...

    Angel quivered.

    He didn't like this

    why did he agree to this?

    He didn't want any of this, he just didn't want to die...

  9. 7 hours ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain smirked. "I knew you could do it." He grabbed Angel's hand and the two of them dashed past the dazed Earthborn. They scrambled through the halls.

    "We have to make it to the staircase, that can take us to the surface."

    THE SURFACE? YOURE CRAZY. Cedric screamed.

    "Well, what other option do we have?" Sullivain replied.

    Go to the safety bunker!? Cedric offered.

    "If this place isn't safe, the bunker isn't either."

    But its better than the surface.

    "At least, if I can figure out how to use my powers, I can defend myself."

    Cedric rolled his eyes, but gave up on arguing. As Sullivain rounded the corner, he let out a few unpleasant swears. Guarding the emergency exit was one of the largest Earthborn he had ever seen. He looked strangely human, with his arms brown and woodlike instead of gray and stoneish like the others he had seen. His skin was an olive color, and his shoulders were adorned with moss. His abdomen was exposed, showing a muscled, human-like stomach. In fact, if Sullivain hadn't known better, he would have thought this man was human. His eyes drifted up, and he saw that the man had dark green hair that was being held back by a pair of sunglasses. His eyes were a cold gold color, and they seemed to see right through Sullivain.

    "Ah look, our guests have arrived." the Earthborn said.

    He can talk? Sullivain thought in amazement. He had never met an Earthborn that could talk before. Or one that was 7 feet tall.

    Oh crap. Cedric said.

    Angel started at him, a new kind of fear rushing through him. He began to back up, yanking in hand away from Sullivain's. All he did was stare with very visible fear, the level of emotion that Angel had never expressed before.

    Any words he said were no more than a stutter. He didn't know who this was, but he already knew the two of them were dead.

  10. 1 minute ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain got an idea. It was a horrible idea, but it was an idea. He scoffed. "Are you going to keep standing there or are you going to defeat them? Pathetic. If I could control my powers, I would have killed these things already." He rolled his eyes. "I thought they said they chose the 'best of the best' for this, and yet somehow, you got these powers. They should have given these powers to someone who can use them."

    He got more and more upset, saying incomprehensible thing in his squeaky voice as the wind picked up more and more. Eventually the wind did end up launching the earthborn, slamming them into the metal walls. This caused many of the earthy pieces of the beings to crack.

  11. 1 minute ago, Heather Chandler said:

    "How are you doing this, and could you please teach me? Right now I feel like being able to make the lights go away isn't that helpful." Sullivain asked. The Earthborn were getting closer, and if Angel didn't magically make them go flying into a corner in the next minute, they would be reduced to smithereens.

    "I DUNNO MAN I'M JUST VERY VERY STRESSED AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I'M DOING THIS" He said in a squeaky voice. As his voice raised, the Earthborn were pushed back yet again, the wind raising up again.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain wanted to do anything but that, but considering his options were trust Angel and hope not to die, or certainly die, he decided to take his chances with Angel. He, refusing to stand completely behind him, stood to Angel's left. It was only then when his back collided with the steel wall of the end of the hall.

    "This plan of yours had better work." Sullivain told Angel nervously, watching as the Earthborn savagely stalked towards the two boys.

    His stress only continued and as a result, the wind continued. The beings staggered and struggled as they approached, but didn't stop.

    "C'MON JUST STOP ALREADY" He angrily shouted. The wind picked up as he shouted, slightly pushing the Earthborn backwards.

  13. 9 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain rolled his eyes, and jumped to the side as one of the Earthborn lunged at him.

    "Look, we stand no chance at killing these things. Trust me, I've tried." He told Angel. "If we want to somehow escape, we have to hit them with something harder than a Merriam-Webster."

    If these so-called savior powers could work right now that would be fantastic. Sullivain thought as the short Earthborn reached out to punch him in the face. He ducked, just barely, and he felt the side of his cheek collide with the rough, rock-like texture of an Earthborn hand.

    Angel frantically thought... he thought and thought. He was gonna die here. Wasn't he?

    At this moment full of stress, the breeze in the hallway started to pick up. This was odd, as the hallway was still completely enclosed. The stress kept building up.

    The wind sped up, but all of it was channeled at the Earthborn, aka right in front of Angel. The wind whipped as the earthborn aiming for Angel started to struggle through the wild gusts. 

    Was... was he doing this?...

    "Sullivain! Get behind me, I might have a plan" he said through his discomfort, the wind in front of him still as strong as ever.

  14. 1 hour ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain looked at Angel, and then at the Earthborn, who had returned to their feet and looked even more bent on murdering both of them.

    "Kid, what are you doing!" Sullivain exclaimed. "I appreciate the help, but I really doubt that a dictionary can kill a pile of rocks!"

    "well I'm sorry! Guess I should have just let you die!" He said angrily, still holding his ground as the Earthborn's approached him. "And I'm still not a KID!" He said with a growl, never looking back at Sullivain throughout all of this. well, this is it. He thought solemnly, Killed by these.... things... Trying to fight them with a book!

  15. 3 minutes ago, Heather Chandler said:

    Sullivain's sleep wasn't peaceful or long, because soon he was awakened by two noises. The sound of Cedric singing loudly, and the sound of sirens.

    Sullivain's heart hammered. Those... those are the Infected sirens...

    He jumped out of bed, still dressed in that ridiculous outfit he had been forced to wear to give his speech. He frantically threw on a long sleeved black shirt and cargo pants. He kept the cape-thing, it had kinda grown on him. Besides, who knows, maybe those stupid scientists had made it reinforced or something. He threw the other ridiculous outfit parts in his backpack, and raced out the door.

    Sullivain's hopes of this just being a drill were crushed when he saw the hall. It was empty now, and he knew exactly why.

    He could smell them before he saw them, the stench of something rotten mixed with grass. And then they rounded the corner. There were two of them, one tall and lanky and the other short and plump. They looked human enough, in their form. That was until you took a closer look. Their limbs were square-ish and gray, covered in moss, dirt, and in the tall one's case, little flowers. Their torsos were bare, exposing their stomach, which was the only human-colored part of them left. Their chest was solid rock, studded too with moss, except the short one also had twigs sticking out where their heart would normally be. And their faces were covered by their hair, which had been transformed into some kind of earth plant. The tall one's luscious green locks covered every detail of their face and stretched down to the ground, while the plump one's vines stopped at their shoulders.

    Earthborn... Sullivain thought with terror. He wanted to run, but knew it would be in vain. The Earthborn had noticed him by now, and they communicated by making clicking sounds, like dolphins, if dolphins could kill you.

    Sullivain knew he was dead. No one could take down an Earthborn. His mother couldn't, Cedric couldn't. His best bet was to run. But he couldn't. He was frozen in terror. Cedric was floating next to him, his face frozen in horror.

    How... how did they find us... and how did they get in? This place was supposed to be intangible to them-

    Cedric was interrupted by the sound of shrill cries from the Earthborn, and the thunderous sound of them charging at Sullivain.


    Angel's sleep was light. Nothing was right. I mean, he ended up being correct about that. He jolted awake at the sounding of the alarms. That dreaded sound that nobody wanted to hear... ever. Especially not him. He got up and, still wearing his pajamas and missing the mask he held dearly, peeked his head outside, where Sullivain was staring straight at a duo of those horrible beasts known as earthborn. 

    What was he doing?! He thought with worry and rage as he saw Sullivain just standing there. Angel ducked back into his room, frantically looking around and figuring out something to do. I can't use my funky powers yet! I don't even know how they work! He thought before he grabbed the biggest book he could find in his room. 

    He ran back out as the earthborn charged towards Sullivain. As barely more than his instincts took control, he started to run over to him. Angel raised the book up, suddenly bolting past Sullivain and slamming the tall earthborn's head as hard as he could. The creature got knocked over for a second before stumbling back to their feet, and falling again. The shorter one did a double take, obviously distracted by the distress of its ally. 

    at that moment, Angel's reason came back as he backed up a bit. What was he doing?! This is so dumb! Now we're both gonna die! He thought as he held the book, adrenaline running through his veins as he held the book, ready for whatever came at him. 

  16. 1 minute ago, Heather Chandler said:

    He looked at the scientist, and then sat down on the stage. He closed his eyes, and let his troubles melt away.

    He thought back, back to life before the Earthborn came, before Gaia, before everything

    He smelled ramen

    His mother had made ramen

    Cedric was eating the ramen

    Cedric was alive

    Cedric struggled at geometry

    Sullivain was still in school

    He could go home and watch cartoons and eat pizza like nothing else mattered

    Because nothing did matter back then

    Slowly, he felt a wave of calmness wash over him. When he opened his eyes, the bright lights were back, shining on Sullivain sitting criss cross applesauce on a stage, with Jayden holding a ball of flaming light dangerously close to the scientist's face, who was laughing nervously.

    As the lights came back on, Angel curled tighter into a ball backstage, attempting to cover his eyes as well now that the lights were back on

    He felt horrible

    Please let him leave

    The lights were too loud

  17. As these few people discussed their abilities and powers, Angel sat in as much of a corner as he could put himself in and pulled his beanie over his ears.

    Was him being here really necessary?

    He didn't like it here

    It was loud

    and nothing was comfortable

    Angel simply wanted to go back to his room...  

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