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  1. i do need help with literally everything after that XD
  2. won sec, i think the bread is ready i smell it
  3. OMG FINALLY i think i did caps wrong or something the other time i did this
  4. i will try and take a screenshot or something maybe u can figure it out
  5. (actually i have 3) Its a little villager family, i will allow Lurnu and Sireko to be adoptables if anyone wants them. also you don't need to add these characters, I just thought some villagers would be nice
  6. I think theres just somthing wrong with my niche files
  7. I found this kind of helpful, but in the end it didn't work. Thanks for trying though!
  8. Excuse me, but could someone walk me through this? i REALLY need help
  9. (out of rp, i would love to join but don't see any characters that i would like)
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