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  1. There were some steps leading down to the balcony, but the steps were more like branches.
  2. (Why are you so stubborn about opening your eyes? lol) "shhh...." They said Still nothing.... but you could hear noises from the house below you, crying and the footsteps of dragons.
  3. Spoopy Bottle


    Anybody want some food in exchange for SC? I have a TON of food!
  4. One of them picked you up, but you could also hear another dragon come in. (You still can't see lol)
  5. There was a butterfly stuffed animal next to you.
  6. The tiny hut seemed to have been thrown together rather quickly. The dragon put you on a bed. "Stay here, I have to get some food for you." She said.
  7. She giggled, landing on a small hut on top of another, bigger, hut.
  8. You hear the footsteps of two dragons, rushing in to see what's wrong.
  9. She flew over a huge, leaf wall that seemed to be broken. She dove down into a vast jungle. She quickly maneuvered around trees.
  10. "Shhhh... It's ok..." She said sweetly. Her scales changed to reveal her true colors A male dragon ran in, seeing you on the ground, he scooped you up and rocked you.
  11. don't worry, I have mentioned none of what I put there on the forums
  12. 1 Don't do any sports 2 Had a dog called Sammy 3 Terrified of snakes
  13. As you stand, you topple out of the hammock.
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