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    Co-op Captains

    The idea would be that the player would use the camera blocks to keep focus on both minidrones (assuming neither camera block was destroyed, and assuming splitscreen was never added as an option to camera blocks) so players could always know how to get to where they need to be to close the camera's gap. Initially, there would be pressure on either one or the other player to keep the drone core safe while they hunt for an extra decoupler to let the core take off into space, though the non-core player would be pressured to keep their decoupler alive so their connection to the core would rem
  2. ronron

    Co-op Captains

    Meant to instigate Steam Remote Play sessions, which are stable enough for Nimbatus without any real input from dev brigade.
  3. Was thinking, to help promote the game through Steam remote play (like how I was convinced to buy Helldivers through it), what if there was a "captain" that thematically suggested players use Steam Remote play with a buddy. It could have -50% deployment cost and 2x mission rewards to allow twice as much income so both players could build a drone at the same pace. Two inseparable pals in the academy graduate with top marks to become co-captains of the Nimbatus, bringing with them the following drone parts: -2 coolers -12 small thrusters -2 thrusters -6 small fuel tanks -6 small batter
  4. Received a report about 3840x1200 resolution not displaying background correctly.
  5. In the gif, there's supposed to be 2 Impulse Givers, however 1 is destroyed from a collision and is now outputting one of the And gate's inputs, locking the Jump Thrusters in a state of perpetual charging. Disregard the accompanying, jiggling drone.
  6. In the Gif, I'm attempting to decouple 6 TNT (linked to L) by spamming J (regen) and K (decouple). I eventually gave up and pressed L and took the screen record. This happens whether I have the factory linked to a factory, linked to the main drone, or even regenerated.
  7. I'd watch out for Spinner pushers. These spinners take a particularly hostile approach towards enemy sumo drones, but its hits are rarely lethal until the arena closes in on the drones and gives a small enough area for the weak hits to effectively reflect an enemy out of the ring, but they also are far more effective against pushers, effectively negating the weakness passive, center-seeking spinners have by using the pusher's force to accelerate its own spin speed until the inevitable ring closing in and pushing the pusher out. Not all hope is lost, however, as a new pusher sub-type has b
  8. Decided I'd throw my recent sumo tourney winner against the workshop drones, since a lot of those were also tourney winners at one point or another. However, I can't use the downloaded drones in the practice dojo, so I can't go around beating Workshop sumo drones making sure my drone isn't just a product of a new age or something.
  9. From what I notice, it's mostly a meme on the discord server to bring awareness on how dated the sumo is versus the recent Steam Workshop thing by using a drone strong enough for people to say "nerf angular momentum". Hopefully doesn't cause any rushed changes, and thanks for being in the alpha with us. Really excited to see how Blender gets taken out legitimately. o/
  10. When the connection to a camera block is destroyed, even with a logic connector, the camera is unable to be operated and is stuck in "on" if it was on.
  11. We need a sort of way to reduce damage and dig power on weapons, a side-upgrade off the +damage 1, 2, and 3 upgrades and their dig power alternatives, the options being -50% damage/dig power and -100% damage/dig power. This way we can create large-scale cosmetic Recoil-Jets far stronger but more power-intensive than regular jets, and without the side effect of the back blast erasing small sections of planets if you want to land and take off. No more erasing that landing pad you crafted to land a safe distance up from the snake, but at the price of exploration and resource farming to gain the n
  12. As you can see with these multiple cameras, the mouse sensor and turret tracking become desynchronized, aiming in different directions entirely without much rhyme or reason.
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