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  1. ronron

    Drone plagiarism?

    From what I notice, it's mostly a meme on the discord server to bring awareness on how dated the sumo is versus the recent Steam Workshop thing by using a drone strong enough for people to say "nerf angular momentum". Hopefully doesn't cause any rushed changes, and thanks for being in the alpha with us. Really excited to see how Blender gets taken out legitimately. o/
  2. When the connection to a camera block is destroyed, even with a logic connector, the camera is unable to be operated and is stuck in "on" if it was on.
  3. ronron

    Development WIP

    Orbital strike event?
  4. We need a sort of way to reduce damage and dig power on weapons, a side-upgrade off the +damage 1, 2, and 3 upgrades and their dig power alternatives, the options being -50% damage/dig power and -100% damage/dig power. This way we can create large-scale cosmetic Recoil-Jets far stronger but more power-intensive than regular jets, and without the side effect of the back blast erasing small sections of planets if you want to land and take off. No more erasing that landing pad you crafted to land a safe distance up from the snake, but at the price of exploration and resource farming to gain the new "rubber bullets" sort of tech. You could even have a hybrid tech that completely removes damage and dig power in a single upgrade slot so we can maximize recoil power. This can also allow sprayers to become more like terraformers, changing the planet without completely erasing it without wanting to and allow a new avenue in the upcoming weather update for safe, planet-friendly alternatives to simply erasing the issue. <3
  5. As you can see with these multiple cameras, the mouse sensor and turret tracking become desynchronized, aiming in different directions entirely without much rhyme or reason.
  6. ronron

    Placing outside SOI

    Nah, not an issue in the alpha afaik. :?
  7. But not really. Guess I shouldn't chew so hard. Broke my jaw and my game. Context: The drone can open and close its "jaw", which not only determines whether or not the kinetic flame thrower will work, but also looks cool. It's also incredibly vulnerable to snapping under its own armored weight, hence the spring which provides additional support by spreading the upwards force across 2 points instead of only the motorized hinge. If the drone closes or opens its mouth too much, the hinge snaps and the drone loses its jaw. But the thing is that the drone does not implode across (and through!) the planet. At least, normally it doesn't.
  8. ronron

    Part Coloring

    How about some way to change the part from the standard gray to something different. Maybe Really Dark Grey instead. It could be a tab up top, next to the Center of Mass toggle. :?
  9. ronron

    Resource Splitter

    Following in the shoes of the Logic Splitter, any fuel or battery connected after a resource splitter will be completely disconnected from the main drone's or any other resource split resource piles. This could feature a behind-the-scenes index which keeps track of each fuel/power pool. This will allow missiles with their own fuel and power, so they won't drain from the main drone once they run out of their own stuff. This will pair well with the upcoming advancements to the logic system coming in the alpha release and beyond.
  10. ronron


    I suggest we have suggestions handed to us through a tab in the game. Community discoveries, tips, and advice we can look around at to get ideas outside the main tutorial. A link to the wiki would be found on this tab, off to the side. Maybe we could have a upvote/downvote system through it that would allow us to choose what we think is most helpful, insightful, and revolutionary. It could feature F8/F9 screen captures that are optimized to be seen through the Nimbatus suggestions tab in-game.
  11. ronron

    How to handle floppiness

    Thing about shields is they're superlight. Not some ultralight thing like LED, but they still don't weigh too much. The issue with this is that shields having tiny amounts of mass means when a heavy-hitting missile or missile shotgun start slamming into your shields they start to pop from slamming against armor and stronger, larger components like solar panels and fuel tanks. [move]But that's just an analysis. A game analysis.[/move]
  12. ronron

    How to handle floppiness

    Interlocking parts allow solid, rigid connections that otherwise wouldn't exist in Nimbatus 0.2.2 while allowing for a flexible yet strong armored frame, allowing the discount of shield use and providing an overall more reliable craft. Now, obviously the interlocking connection shown in the picture isn't the only one on this craft. In fact, there are TONS of such connections strewn across, stitching the craft to itself and allowing this craft to even out-tank shielded drones.