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    obscure games

    this game exists: https://ncase.itch.io/anxiety (warning, there is swearing.)
  2. ohhh, well uhhh, Idk, maybe have some non-foxes, like prey, and maybe occasionally foxes.
  3. I don't care. I'm sand. I don't think there's anyhumans, and there ARE nichelings, butI don't think they'll be affected.
  4. aahsiofhsaoihfoiwhfoi whyyyy.. I'm curios why the mukbang was made
  5. when I searched mine I just found steam stuff and mainly forumsstuff. I also found: melonsrp, instagram(I don't have an account which is odd) and some websites I forgot the name of, and don't think I've EVER been to any of them.
  6. I managed not to watch the second one. whhhhyyyyy. WHYY. meh.
  7. hmmmm... so background characters... hmmm... okay, so background characters should have powers too,but only important ones. If there's a gun, it has to have a use, not fired, but a use. so don't make any important characters forgetable, or make non-importantt characters TOO knowable, though that's not actually a problem and can be used as storybuilding. Most flaws can. hmmmm.... I think you should have a running gag. hmmm... many kinds to do. 1. shipping 2. a character being called something/having a name mispronounced 3. an idiot, I hope self expla
  8. okay, I would like to apply for the job. I don't think I need any qualifications, but I'm willing to spend time on it.
  9. I would join but 10 hours is alot, unless it's in game hours. Is it in game hours?
  10. I guess you would make the minecraft chat box (or just have it be modded) and have the dancing ramen in the background, and just animate everything, I don't know how you would do sand, but I bet you could do that and it would be funny to see the reactions in chat.
  11. I am asking for consistency. yes. if you try to go out of bounds, I will add it in bounds. I will create a connection, a story. Because someone DID say that they were gonna make a video of this.
  12. but there's a food shortage so you could actually make money.
  13. I couldn't my computer. can now.
  14. if you weave me into the nest I just go to my center of mass, it's an ability I have that allows me to go to the center if I'm seperated. there's a glitch where if you activate it while moving you can clip through objects. The reason this happens is because you enter no-clip and the game prevents you from moving, and halts gravity for you, but if you're moving, then you don't have friction and can clip. so I'm out. that doesn't mean they have to walk or talk. they can just not do that. besides, you need a cerabellum to walk, so they probably can't walk.
  15. so you'll be selling coral too? let's use dead bush as a currency, the nearest desert is far away, and dead bush is limited. also how is being a collecter dangerous? and why does it take 10 hours? why not just make a kelp farm?
  16. ????? well I'm playing in expert mode and I beat the wall of flesh. soooo, I did that. once I beat terraira I'm gonna play with mods.
  17. that way, I can call it the triple N series.
  18. it's fine, I wasn't confused about that. just what the context was. I knew that too. If I decide to play minecraft I'll return.
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