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  1. Just now, Green the Fiery Fox said:



    *Wizard AGAIN

    Also, no glitches p l e a se

    we just wanna have fun making a cool storyline!

    oh, I guess that idea can go in the world that no lore.

  2. 46 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

    so back before i changed my roblox username, i won some roblox giveaway in smilekay's discord server? even though that server has nothing to do with roblox and smilekay didn't even start making videos until very recently like a long time after i changed my username? then i was watching 2 roblox characters in some office looking room, probably smilekay and another person from the server, one of them had the superhero idle animation and i think one was flying. then they tried teleporting me to them but they used my old username cammiecokies, so it brought someone else. then they tried... myimages? that's never been my roblox username idk where that came from,, except it was my old username in this dream? but either way that still wasn't my username and it teleported someone else. then they tried tommyinnit?????? and that wasn't me either so they gave up. and then i heard my mom saying tommyinnit is black????????

    you probably forgot a bunch of the dream and that is why it made no sense.

  3. 35 minutes ago, Green the Fiery Fox said:

    we are medieval

    We would murder you for using magic uwu

    well it would be in your favor, so I think that the king or queen would be fine with it. also the way they did it was depriving the proclaimed witch/wisard of sleep making them haluccenate and anything that they said would be taken as fact. so  basically you wouldn't be able to murder me until I said I was a wisard, and since you can't deprive me of sleep in real life, I would be basically immune to law, but since I am an outcast I  would still die.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Polly said:

    You had a heart of the sea? Probably from the drowned, no one has a use for a heart of the sea

    where did my stuff go. that's why I'm asking. if I know where my stuff went, I know where it went. also what do you mean by from the drowned? the only way you can get it is from buried treasure.

  5. I am experimenting with a bug, and I plan to use it in the realm, but I don't know how to explain it using plot other than magic. and I'm supposed to be a pirate, so I guess I'll be a wisard pirate. I don't fully understand the glitch, but I do know the basics, so I can create a useful transportation system. I will call this glitch the infinite momentum glitch, img for short, I would like it if you didn't report it so that we could continue to use this magic as I don't even fully understand it yet. It's very weird, the reason I call it img is because I noticed that when it moves in a direction, it keeps moving forever, so thus infinite momentum. I would like to switch the world over to creative so that I can show you all and experiment.

  6. I have:

    blue eyes, dark brown hair, slightly tanned peach skin tone(barely tanned).

    I usually where pajama's or sweat pants and a random t-shirt(feel free to advertise games on it) but sometimes I wear jeans, a belt, a white shirt, and an unbuttoned plaid shirt. (the plaid shirt is red and green(the red stripes are dark red on the normal red of the shirt, and the green is dark green but slightly blended with the red (the light red on the shirt)) and that's about it. I could be making a snowman(three high because I'm that ambitious) and rolling a snowball.

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