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  1. we need to think of ways for  stray fawn studios to get money, I mean, they obviously have enough for salary, but I'm talking about having enough so that they could expand as a buisness, and use there money for things as a buisness, other then games, I don't know what that is, but it might involve sponserships, or something else, point is, we need to think of more ways of revanue for this studio so that we can have future games be better, and so that they can hire more staff. please reccomend any ideas you have.

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  2. On 12/17/2020 at 4:46 AM, gamingcookie said:

    bold of you to assume a literal game development studio doesn't know these things

    no, more like dumb.

    7 hours ago, Markus said:

    No worries, no harm done :) 

    I just want to quickly note/add that it's not a given that after a full release a game gets new feature updates as long as money comes in :) For most studios except the most successful top ones, the money coming from and after a release is barley enough to make a new one. So money/time spend on making new features for the released game often means less money/time for the new one :) 

    Games on Steam which get updates year after year for free (not DLC) are mostly the most successful ones and might convey the impression that it's becoming the norm. But for most indies it's not possible or even a good business strategy :) 

    Indiegogo InDemand campaign has entered it's last 24h ^^


    hmmm... maybe a dlc would be better then an update, you could have a dlc after the 5th update, when you have it together a little bit, if that is a good buisness stratagy, or there might be other ways to make money. hmmm... I'll make a post about it here!

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  3. 12 minutes ago, PincerClaw420 said:

    i technically survived, since i entered my own bunker (also i think youre missing polly and pancake, along with everyone else on team cactus and team morally grey since they werent affected by the blast)

    yeah but what about the nuke you sent to cactus town?

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