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  1. ok, so I won't turn on keepinv on the CURRENT world, but, while I was taking a shower, I was thinking how I could make myself suffer, but I couldn't, so I thunk about ways to turn on keepinv.

    1. we switch back to the old world.

    2.since the old world didn't really have a, well, consistent plot, we can destroy that world and us the same plot(with some changes to make it better) and make a new world.

    3. we can destroy my creative world and make a new world there(though I'd rather not)


  2. 20 minutes ago, UWOaether said:

    ALSO PLEASE for the love of god put on keepinv. It really REALLY sucks for me. I just get so demoralized after I die and just wanna rage quit. Sometimes i even just make a new forkin world cause I died.

    I can grind for you.

  3. Just now, Polly said:

    I have some bad news...

    Joe, Jimmy (not the villagers) , and lol are all dead...

    we will have a funeral tomorrow...

    NOT THE FISH!!!!! R.I.P

    Though I accidentaly killed Lol.


    well I know how to hunt fish(no hunting in the village!!!!!)

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