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    i had a dream where I was in a forest and some of my school was there,  there was also some animal crossing related stuff, and I had a map,  it was also like boy scouts,  so I'll describe the map: near the top right of the mapthere was a line,it was a 4 block coloum  and when I went there Isaw an illuminati pyramid, I could go inside through a back door and the only class mates I remember being there were crystal and logan,also I had a birds eye view and my charecter was from my animal crossing world, but when I went to the illuminati it was pixelated andbefore I did any of this I was spinning, but from there on oI only felt like I was in the couch and saw the world unfold, we also sold plucked weeds to each other and I also remember a pixel star that looks like one you would find in a carnival and there was also a campsite,  and it felt like animal crossing, even the map looked like animal crossing but with legened of zelda pixelated art style plus undertale where the illuminati was, and legend of zelda again inside the iluminati

  2. On 6/20/2020 at 11:57 PM, Flour said:

    (I want to like tea.. but I can’t. Alas, woe is me. I will keep trying tho) 

    (sounds good!)

    Glory would keep looking at her. ‘’You have a nice face.’’ She said. ‘’Especially nice eyes.’’

    tea, try herbal tea and put both lemon and honey/sugar in it and you have delicous tea!

  3. On 6/15/2020 at 4:23 AM, berri said:

    (Nah don't worry at all, i've been thinking about doing this for a while now, and i think seperating everybody was a bad idea. 

    no I like the seperate kingoms and what about the already good story.


  4. On 6/10/2020 at 8:22 PM, berri said:

    Character accepted! I'll put him in Cloudfall Kingdom, and you rolled unlucky! Talurno's power will be weather powers, as in being able to change the weather

    thiis is actually useful, because of bad weatherlike blizzards.

  5. 38 minutes ago, TundraKitsune said:








    Rant over

    gts? crown tundra?

  6. On 6/16/2020 at 1:29 PM, Akirameta said:

    ooo I quite like the game, I think you will too. although, I never play multiplayer 'cause its too much of a hassle to download mods on both versions.


    also sky, your profile picture is cursed and I love it 

    I could make a server with all those mods if you you tell me what mods you have


  7. just reposting this here

    think there should be a block that scans aliens to learn about them and sometimes you can scan them during special events, battle , or even normal behavior in order to learn more data about their structure , lifestyle and the results of their structure  like not seeing certain colors  and what colors and sounds mean(colors is only for things that change color) so for example if I scanned a bee while it was communicating, or fleeing I would scan and learn the sound it would be added to the speaker block.

    scanner: lets you scan aliens and plants, adds to your beastiary when you do, you get bodily information as well as other information based on what you scanned it doing,(breeding gives knowledge on that etc.) the bodily information could be guessed on or recorded as needs more reaserch to find out what is used for and it also gets you new sounds for the speaker that let you interact with aliens as well as a use for the phermone device,it also can scan plants and show the different stages of those too (if a symbiotic plant is added then you can get information when you scan it with it being that way

    capture device: let's you capture aliens and take them with you on board, only works if the alien is a baby, you can release them and they will gift you something(or get an achivement) they could also stay with you if you decided to bond with them, if you have them in the capture device and you get on the ship a screen pops up saying do you want meat or do you want a live alien,  live aliens allow you to either release them and get a gift/achivement or keep them on board and have them as a crew.

    phermone device: lets you make phermones with plants and meat and use them to interact with the plants and animals

    sterilizer: lets you sterilize aliens so that they can't breed and you can kill them to get sterilized meat.

    camera: (it shows you a first person view) lets you take pictures at a first-person view for quests and stuff

    breeder: lets you breed aliens with food you have collected and requires the alien to be scanned before breeding and even then it depends on when you  scanned it. also baby aliens can be abducted and follow you around if you capture them and put them somewhere else, then they  come with you and will follow you around the mission. 

    harvester: lets you harvest plants and dead sterilized aliens for the breeder, this also goes in the cargo bin. and drops off in the cargo hover thing  as well. harvested things have  a hidden thing that keeps track of what foods you have, aliens won't eat what they don't naturally.

    if you are confused or have any additions to make I will think it through and scan my answer for answers.

  8. I'm reposting this and I know that this has already been suggsted but it won't fit in a reply. and I don't wanna do a giant thing.

    so this post also affects any thing that spins. buzz saws will be split into 2 parts, the chain, and the motor. the motorized hinge should have an adjustable size so that your wheels can be big and small there should be different parts so i'm gonna list

    motorized hinge (changes): the motorized hinge now also have adjustable size and speed and can act like a flipper that can go 360 degrees and setting it to 360 will let it act like normal.

    free hinge(changes): adjustable size and can have a limit to speed and can act like a flipper that can go 360 degrees and setting it to 360 will let it act like normal

    elastic chord: you can put wheels over this and can be placed on 2 or more motorized or free hinges, and can over lap on it's self  and maybe a tested warning to say it may make your drone unstable by making the elastic chord attached to to many hinges or being overlapped to many times

    buzz saw chain: put this on a motorized hinge to turn it into a buzz saw with an adjustable size and cannot go on elastic chord.

    tract: like elastic chord, but it is a wheel that cannot go on elastic chord and has a limit of four hinges.

    tire: adjustable size, can go on elastic chord or plain hinge and will create car wheels this would probably be the most common and maybe start with it.

    sticky tire: short version, a tire that sticks to walls long version, adjustable size, can go on elastic chord or plain hinge and sticks to wall and ceiling.

    mountain wheels: like tires but it also flattens terrain so it won't stop rolling, it will also damage enemies because of the spikeys it won't get caught on terrain if it goes backwards.

    if you have any additional ideas or are just confused, just tell me and i will roll it fixed.

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