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  1. I found a bug. if you put five minecarts on the same rail(by standing below the rail and placing them on the rail) and push the minecarts then it moves forever, I can show you. you can add as many minecarts as you want, so you could have many people in it at once, but I will need to test that hypothesis in our creative world, we will use survival mode to see if you can survive.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Zixvir said:

    I've deleted the old world and the new world seed is: 666132020

    I'm not talking about the ocean world. I'm talking about the one that got hit by a meteor.

    I'm resetting it again. I'll tell you the seed once I find a good one.

  3. Just now, Chicken-duck-woman-thing said:

    While he himself doesn't eat, he wants to bring the society of Niche a healthy diet.

    He thinks that it's good for non-spiky invduals to carry one for self defence incase we run into another problem with defender bears.

    Defender bears eating children and innocent nichelings, as well as the ongoing war against him and his allies. Oh and also the nuke

    they were being bugfixed. (if this is just the nicheling's point of view then  the gods are removing a flaw in thier minds that made them violent)

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