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  1. 1 minute ago, Polly said:

    we wouldn't know what the heart of the sea is, because had never seen a ocean.

    we left to find a better place to grow crops, because when it flooded, the soil was too wet to grow crops or build things, so we left.

    the new world is millons of miles away, so we couldn't see it, also why wouldn't we not have our tools with us?

    we wouldn't have our tools because of the meteor, we get blasted away, and wake up a week later, lets just say our tools got destroyed and we got blown on to the island.(or we went up there when it flooded) sorry if this comes off as  rude, it's only an explanation, not a, "you're wrong, and your Idea is stupid" this is an explanation. My explanation, you don't have to agree.

  2. 22 minutes ago, A Nicheling said:

    Well, idk much about your worlds but I have an idea. 

    You where exploring a new continent (the new world), and saw a meteor come and destroy your old continent (the old world) so now you have

    to start on this new world and that’s why you can’t come back to the other. The meteor impact changed the weather (like the one that impacted the dinosaurs) so that could explain the drought.

    18 minutes ago, Green the Fiery Fox said:

    A flood after a drought actually is a very good idea! It would mimic real world behavior. As the ground gets dry and hard, it becomes harder for it to soak up water, making the perfect conditions for a flood.

    wait, so a meteor hits, resulting in a drought, and us getting blown away, we wake up(probably a week or something) later, on top of a mountain peak, and the world has flooded, and there are very few trees, we swim over to another peak, this one bigger, and with some trees. blah blah blah, we get to where we are now. I'm talking about having another drought, or, we could have monsoon, maybe we go somewhere as we see the water receding, and we end up where there's no peaks(or in our case, because of the flood, islands) and the monsoon happens, when it then floods, we get washed back to where we were, basically, we migrate for the monsoon, unless we have another way for  us to get moved to the middle of nowhere.

    all we need is for someone to find a desert seed. that way, we can have that be true, also, the desert temples could be explained by the monsoons already existing.

  3. well if it flooded we would look for the heart of the sea so that we could navigate what used to be a desert (witch used to be an ocean...)

    maybe I could delete the old world and replace it with a new one, and we would be in another drought, basically, we would have an explanation for switching between 2 worlds, if we want to go to a different world, drought, wait a second, we're in the tropics! We have monsoons! witch go between many floods and droughts. We won't need any other explanation for switching worlds! Unless we don't wanna live in the tropics...

    anyways would we rather switch between our old world or a new seed? (we got washed away, so a desert seed would make more sense)

    we'll just have to ignore the obvious plot gap of there being no mountain village in the desert, and how we got to the bottom of the ocean. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Polly said:

    ill probably be on at 10:30 AM MST on school days and then leave at 10:50 AM MST and then come back at 12:00 PM MST

    because school-

    so mst is 2 hours behind est

    (the st in mst or est means standered time, the e in est means eastern and the m in mst means mountain.)

  5. On 12/14/2020 at 4:25 AM, Markus said:

    @Flèche des NeigesI think we count "pre-launch access to the game" as Early Access. So if I recall correctly by getting the "Scout" perk and above you get access to the "Early Access" phase.

    @Zixvir More money means basically either we can work longer on the game (=improve the game) before we run out of money and HAVE to release (to get a new money influx), or we can hire additional people so we can work on it faster. We're still a small team and we're still fighting for survival :) Money doesn't make a game better by itself, but it makes the two things mentioned above possible :) 

    hmmm, well usually the longer the game is worked on, the better it is.

    you're gonna need to have the early access players do bug checks, as in, try to break the game. yeah if you hire, it lets you work faster, but even if you hire more people, you should still work on it for the same amount of time. for quality.

    of course, who am I to say this, I don't know about all the school of trade stuff and all that.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Polly said:

    I'll do it, 

    Me, Pancake, Green, Zixvir, and I think flower?? Were the impostors, we wanted to take over fawn land and that's about it

    I meant how we started. like, the beggening Island.

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