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  1. Just now, Renio said:

    We’re not too sure, our theories are:
    -somebody took him in
    -he went to yogi bear park without us because this one forest at the bottom of our streets leads to yogi bear park
    -he died even though I really don’t want to think he did

    My mother also posted a missing thing for him on FB so if he died or someone found him we would probably be contacted.

    did you look outside?

  2. On 5/24/2020 at 6:44 PM, Flower said:

    I am terrified of darkness, dark rooms, noises in the dark, etc. It’s not fun because I’m a night owl and stay up until sunrise a lot but if there’s the slightest noise I will get so scared. I’ve always been afraid of it but I feel like it’s getting worse because now I’m afraid of getting murdered(??) dont know where that fear came from, probably hearing about murders and kidnappings. We have huge windows lining the walls in the kitchen and living room and I always go downstairs to get snacks at night and I have to walk by them and I hate it. I can’t sleep without the closet light on either. One time I heard a noise and sat in my bed Too terrified to Move for like an hour and I was talking to foxy about it over pm and got so worked up about it. Eventually I ran to my brothers room and after a minute he reluctantly got up and looked under my bed for ‘people’. This was recent too, like 3-4 weeks ago.

    me three

  3. 17 minutes ago, BasicDemon said:

    honestly, I just want there to always be a price for good genes, to get to the island you probs got some epic creatures (or sandbox, reason for the mother dying mianly, as you could just spawn on the island)

    actually I agree, I  have a new Idea,watch for a change in the post

  4. 16 minutes ago, BasicDemon said:

    sounds cool, but VERY overpowered, maybe there should be something to balance it out, like the nicheling that gives birth to the child will die? I dunno, just those stats are iNsAnE

    only if not big body.

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