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  1. why won't you tell us your intentions?
  2. I think you gave her white fur. could you change the background black and the text white?
  3. is pyro called pyro because of the black spot?
  4. just remember, that this is only wrong answers lol. why is this a thread that you'll only give wrong answers on?
  5. well 2 can play at that game! I hack your account out of existance and mail you enough money to buy minecraft. it's not digiatally, so you can't trace it to a computer. ohhhh. But you ARE a sentient plant. do you do morse code with scent? or do you have many scents for different meanings?
  6. essentially, what are your intentions. take over the world. That's literally why this group exists.
  7. though you might still wanna check the planet builder. unless you meant you don't wanna play, which is fine.
  8. that's fine! I'll make a planet. I just realized, er, a while ago I realized that we're gonna want to start with a planet that can support the same stuff as earth, because non carbon based life-forms would be difficult. of course, if the same asteroid of biology hits another planet it'll have to be a life-form that is the same type as the other planet that had a similar asteroid. for example, a carbon based life-form. If it survives, then it's still a caarbon based life-form, but the other planet will be different, as it will have to add matierials that normal carbon based lifef
  9. I know it's supposed to be bad, but that doesn't mean it has to be. so you're just a talking plant? well if I chop you, you just regrow due to how niche mehcanics work(misspelled purposefully.)
  10. there's already a planet creator on the post where you play.
  11. @Applesauce would you like to make a planet? I could make one for you.
  12. lol. what's your favorite color
  13. even years? if so you'll eventually go to discord. but I have a question, will you expand outside of this topic? where can it be? and will you/your cult edit videos to fit your purpose?
  14. oh. well uhhh... how long do you plan for this squirrel cult to last anyway?
  15. good. are you gonna try to take over discord servers too? because there is a second don't break the chain server.
  16. it has been consistent until now. even though you are connected to the earth, you have not been around longer than me, so yeah. (you're a berry bush) I don't play niche very often. are you a combination of all the plants? or all the berries. like, stinky toxic berries that are high up like a tree. Just curios.
  17. this is the source of the squirrel operation, so if we can stop it here, it should stop happening elsewhere. also if you're gonna conquer minecraft you should go on servers like hypixel. wait, why am I giving you ideas?
  18. uhh, there's no realm owner. no admin. all you can do is break bedrock with glitches.
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