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  1. y'now, I could become glitter, and blind people. as well as being super annoying. you don't want me to get any glitter.
  2. hmmm... maybe when you find a spider, just try, it's something you can do. I understand the same feeling, you don't do anything till you have to. Is it only sometimes?
  3. and even if it wasn't there was mostly slabs so almost nothing happened
  4. ahhh, so it's not really a phobia. in that case you can train yourself. maybe just teach yourself different types of spiders.
  5. it would be sspr if it was snops sent personel robot. though you might be not that.
  6. !?!?!?!?!?!? I viberate to create sound waves of speech "what the heck do you breathe!" "just read it yourself. I don't think anyones gonna want to do that."
  7. well we could just stop being that way. I think that was paranoia, because I also get that feeling sometimes. are you always afraid in general, or do you want to know what kind of spider it is.
  8. when you comment on a topic, it becomes the first thing people see other than their favortied stuff. so you comment on a topic and say bump. then people see it.
  9. Zixvir


    goldfosh. it's a fish without any:Recording (19).m4a
  10. Zixvir


    anyone know anything else about goldfish?
  12. nutrition is actually good for helping you focus. you need motivation. if you ever feel unmotivated, you could listen to this video. this goes for everyone.
  13. beeeeeeeep booooop skidop. here's the link, I'm not posting it normally because the title. it doesn't have any swear words.
  14. uh oh. wait, that helps. YAY!
  15. I grab a bunch of sand and add it to my being, then force you into the water so you don't drown. though some fish don't get enough oxygen in water so they go in air to supplement.
  16. yeah this place does exist. also if you read the comments you would know that if it was called nyoma we would have the nnn game series, and they're coincedentally both about management.
  17. so could you explain what should happen in that scenario? that way we'll understand what the bug is. it created 2 extra placeholder sprites though
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