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  1. nope, I'm not doin that again. I'm viewing through a computer that doesn't allow me to see the gif, so I have a kind of immunity. and this counts as a chainbreak.
  2. no long text! (chain time)
  3. no long text! (chain time)
  4. no long text! (chain time)
  5. well that is kinda how it happens in week 6( though he's there the entire time.)
  6. but then I decide to go back to you, and get sand back there. I then shred your stomach, by, you guessed it, abusing the physics engine. I'm pretty sure that the dev aknolegdes the glitch, or it's as a result of multimodding.
  7. 2 grains escape, and I slowly abuse the physics engine to get back, you can't see me with your eyes, I get back and absorb some sand.
  8. here are the rules, as well as how it works. you can post right after yourself if you are quoting the rules, as that doesn't count as apart of the chain.
  9. this is supposed to be fun, and there's plenty of other posts without rules. because of you, there is now a rule of not posting long posts.
  10. no posting after yourself! read the main thing at the begenning.
  11. @ the last person to do chain @Polly
  12. uhh, who's gonna enforce that? you can't kill me like that, I'm sand. you can't squish me to death. I abuse the physics engine to shred your nest.
  13. @ the last person to do chain. @PurrSnoutMaster
  14. (I was being in character, the laws were in universe, not irl you commiting crime, but the you in this fictional universe, that's who broke the law.)
  15. oh, okay. I won't apply that then.
  16. so I guess these squirrels are serious. you guys ARE the army. you only have pet squirrels, and members of the cult. so you are the ones who would be attacking. (aka you are the bodygaurds, if it's a pet squirrel, you can command it, if it's a robot, you control it, but there's a weakness to both of those, the robot is weaker, and the pet isn't you. You can't just have soldiers, unless they're actual people who joined your cult.)
  17. this technically isn't even a cult. there's only one person. so what you're doing WOULD be illegal, since you're taking freedom away, and the person isn't taking someone elses freedom away.
  18. oh. well at least it wasn't researched.
  19. there's gonna be MANY weeks in the full release, there's people who have the same goal. and you don't have to. if you wanna draw, you could draw anything else. You DID say to take away your art priviligis.
  20. well I escaped so no. also many people follow multiple religions. in the us of a it's ileagel to stop people following religions. though since you're probably already breaking the law that won't matter. 🗡️🐿️🔫
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