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  1. No idea, I can't math
  2. I fear the worm cult, I'm gonna go hide in a bunker now

  3. this is the niche section, it is up to green if she wants to draw a request or not, these are her requests. also the did i stutter is pretty rude, i know it was a joke but still.
  4. so, i need some help, i'm going to make a shop, but for the outsides, i need white stained glass, a lot of white stained glass, so if you can, please help!
  5. O H, IT WAS YOURS i took it down- ill give the stuff back
  6. also her cat if you want to add her
  7. still confused how a moderator hasn't stepped in yet, there has been a lot of agurements here-
  8. i made my shop, it still needs a name-
  9. Yeah didn't you, the only reason you said that you would is so because you can be in the plot. You aren't doing that, also my character has no backstory and you're still trying to give her a backstory
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