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  1. (Forgot to answer but I'd really like that! )
  2. You went outside, there wasn't really anything interesting out here..
  3. The two other queens grabbed their kits and began running out of the nursery .
  4. A panicked looking cat entered the nursery, "We have to go! SoulClan has attacked us, And we're losing, We need to bring the kits to a safe place."
  5. A Scream echoed though camp, Huh..?
  6. The other kit watched the others play, at least Echokit was okay.
  7. (Ye you can, but your cats can't be in the same clan. I'll deal with the NPCs if your meaning that.)
  8. The Kit looked at the other, "What can we do to help..?"
  9. You stood up, padding towards the outside.
  10. sorry, had to do something You hit your younger sister in the face, she ignored you.
  11. The kits ran off to another corner of the nursey Maybe you should follow Birchpaw..
  12. The other kits looked at you "Why are you talking to air?"
  13. It worked, the den that you were in was empty, except for you and your siblings.
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