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  1. ANYWAYS guys i need to talk to you about my new hyperfixation? its an scp podcast called find us alive. you can blame this one on coco aswell. 5 neurodivergent and queer middleaged people get stuck in a pocket dimension timeloop because scp. you should listen to it. please my brain is rotting help me
  2. okay guys unrelated but i keep forgetting none of you know ive been a secret murder drones fan since the pilot came out and only was vocal about it when tadc came out because theyre animated by the same studio
  3. thats awesome man. im happy youre coming into my homethread to complain about one of my favorite medias. really great. /lh i think honestly to watch murder drones you gotta embrace being cringe, uzi being cringe is very much the point. but if you dont like it thats completely okay. you can do whatever you want forever :3
  4. I feel like if they did development like murder drones (example) it would not of been as good. of course I would of still watched it because murder drones is a Bad show technically and do I still watch it and have for years? you know it
  5. honestly? I'm very happy tadc will have more character based development in the plot. I think that's the best they could of done for the plot and I love seeing the characters interact... it's so interesting to me. I was scared it was gonna be really bad but I was happily surprised!!! okay I'm gonna dissappear and go back to lurking have fun guys
  6. paper trail broke me too 💔💔💔 such a good comic (I'm assuming it's paper trail and not the other shorter comics) loveeeee this art this is so cool
  7. uh apparently it was a month. cookie posted the wrong date
  8. hi guys it's me polly kris pollygussie . https://store.steampowered.com/app/2356780/Dungeon_Clawler/ new stray fawn game. it was announced a week ago and I honestly forgot
  10. niche if it was a good game
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