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  • kris loved to play in the trash dump, but so did spamton [hashtag lurker] [they/he]

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  1. MISS YOU 

    1. cookie


      miss my child 💔 where are they now ..

  2. also some more for arti 1. exploding is SO FUN 2. the stun blast is really useful 3. when paired with spearmaster in co op you can get basically unlimited spears
  3. reasoning as well :3 1. pipeyard. went there one time and i love it so much 2. artificer. im not named the number one arti lover on discord for nothing. her story is just so.. tragic. i could go on and on about her but i wont 3. moon :3 i just really like her
  4. its so sad we cant commicate through any other platform.....
  5. polly

    gono homethread

    byeeee :3 i dont remember if i know you or not,,, good job getting off this hellsite
  6. you may not like it, but this is the ideal beachball
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