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  1. remember when we used this lol lmao
  2. BRO YOURE SO RIGHT ive been planning on somehow reviving this in some way but idk rn.... the whole cookie alt kind of helped tho
  3. @Artificer -Green- .... wanna bring this back
  4. going to this forum changed my brain chemistry like i was she/her when i got here and now im they/he.
  5. im doing cookie becasuse i wanna MATTRESS omg i did it
  6. rip watersporter may you rest in peace......

    1. Tar


      Wait- did they actually die-???

    2. polly


      NO LMAO they basically did tho they got perm banned

    3. Tar


      Oh- oops- im stupid

  7. not a day goes by i wish watersporter wasn't banned....
  8. just to let you all know ranks and the art off topic subform are legally my children
  9. ok gamers for some reason this is on google instead of the remake me, green and tako made so heres the other topic with more bases ok have fun
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