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    Just.. talk about geckos here. Today I just got a gecko that I named Bumble, (they looked like a Bumblebee) they are a leopard gecko. I would post a picture if they weren't hiding in their cave.
  2. "Rere? Ar!" Dragonfly babbled, she tried to escape from the rainwing
  3. "Wire..work?" Dragonfly babbled
  4. Dragonfly babbled something, she clung to the skywing's leg
  5. Dragonfly ran towards the new dragon, somehow falling on her face while doing so
  6. Dragonfly looked up at the rainwing, she babbled something and tried to climb onto the rainwing
  7. Dragonfly Female Mudwing reddish-brown with darker top scales and light brown spines. Lighter underbelly and wings Shy, a little bit clueless, clumsy
  8. Oof, I'll take mudwing then, give me a sec to random generate them.
  9. Squirrel Female Skywing Vibrant orange with lighter vibrant top scales, spines, and horns. Lighter yellow underbelly and wings. (Description was generated) Shy, a little bit clueless and clumsy
  10. The bird dragon landed, another dragon, this one with petal shaped wings, landed as well. "Here they are.." The bird dragon said
  11. Piggy and the wings of fire game
  12. The dragon began walking down the platforms towards a small leaf house, The dragon entered the house, there was two other dragonets in the house. The red dragon pointed towards a moss bed, "That's where your sleeping." The dragon turned away and left the house -TYO
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