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  1. Yejigvjihd Ganibfciiuut Gamibgxiijue 1 dat!! [ sge%fdr)
  2. (The heck- none of the posts I posted are appearing-)
  3. Gorse landed by what they thought was the entrance.
  4. "I'll, be back." They said, they began to fly to where the light said to go.
  5. You look around, the dragon pads into one of the huts, they pad up some weird high things ( stairs) You are dropped on the cold floor, the dragon grabs somethings and put them in the corner of the room. -TYO
  6. Gorse jumped from their hammock, stumbling a little.
  7. (Time Skip) You had been with this dragon for about an hour now, you have entered a place with weird huts, and tons of dragons. -TYO
  8. It picked you up, placing you on it's back They began walking from the place you fell -TYO
  9. It was a dragon, much smaller but close to the size of the other. It didn't seem to have wings.. -TYO
  10. You flap, nothing. you tumble towards the ground. You hit the ground hard. you hear frantic running -TYO
  11. Name: Gorse Pronouns: They/Them (Non-Binary) Tribe: Leafwing/Rainwing Hybird (If prophecy dragons can't be hybrids, then just rainwing Appearance: Shiny scales. Their wings are narrow and barred, with a lighter ventral side and darker dorsal region. They have piebald markings (This was made with a generator, so if its confusing that's why.) Personality: Gets bored with things easily, Not afraid to speak their mind. Extra: They hate reading and long for a more interesting life. (Also made with generator)
  12. oop theres already a icewing, one sec-
  13. The dragon drops you, you begin falling. -TYO
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