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  1. @cookie we give off similar vibes woag....
  2. miss you eventide i wanted to go get beat up but spamton neo
  3. new blue alive betrayal just dropped
  4. happy blue alive betrayal 1 day
  5. i need to draw sometjhing but none of my ocs are doing it for me ill literally draw anything but please understand im not required to do any of these as these are requests so dont get mad at me if i dont draw your oc
  6. little jimmy is EVIL headcanon whos with me we need to make it canon in the slugcat mafia
  7. polly acutally slaps? pollygussie pretty good.... sollati pretty good acutally and heres my other two names which kind of suck (above one is sol i forgor to crop it in)
  8. WAS ABOUT TO COLOR HIM AND THEN MAGMA WENT ON MAINTENANCE.... THIS IS ALL THAT REMAINS OF RALSEI.... anyways idk why ive only been using magma for the past 2 days i get silly sometimes
  9. FINALLY THE QUESTION IS ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. man i hate when the lethiethans spawn in garbage wastes. too bad its normal (yes it is me and cookie we're getting a little silly)
  11. hello guys its me again feel free to ask my opinions on any of these ships... i like talking about them night cat is not here but if they were error 4 would probably be in biased
  12. here more info about unity that I just found if you need to know more https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/the-death-of-unity
  13. ERM hi guys its me polly pollygussie! i know theres many people playing rain world / idk if people play niche or not but heres some important stuff i learned about it like an hour ago!!! unity (the game engine niche, the wandering village, rain world, hollow knight etc was made with) has a new policy that costs the developer a small fee everytime a player installs a game made with unity https://www.ign.com/articles/why-unitys-new-install-fees-are-spurring-massive-backlash-among-game-developers as you can see this can be Very Bad for indie devs and will cause many to have to delist their games off of platforms like steam!!! :3 i dont know how to end this other than i am filled with Unending Rage right now.
  14. i haven't played clan gen in awhile so here's one of my cats end critters their name is zynoa (they/them) theyre quite a silly kitty and might or might not be not even a not cat at all.. :3
  15. which isn't on here somehow? it might be english but its more about literature than english
  16. i HATE math. i hate it BAD unlike popular belief my favorite subject is not art its actually ela and social studies/history (somehow)
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