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  1. sorry if this is necroposting, but wouldn't it be annoying for your nichelings to always have the "potential" to have cool and interesting patterns, but are ruined by their parents with the no pattern gene, the main problem is that this defies normal genetics(this is a very big problem because Niche is in schools, is called the genetics survival game, and you don't wanna teach wrong things to kids), maybe this could be some kind of mod or alternate feature if you squint really hard, or you just use console. I could see it being annoying with paws in some circumstances(jungle and mountains), but that will make it so freaking annoying to get rid of crippled paw, webbed paw and other bad or uneeded paws, as with the correct system, that gene should be gone quick as it is recessive, but with your system, it will basically never die out until your nichelings do too(or mutation menu it away), or have 1 winged and 1 digger pawed nichelings waddling around eternally until you do the thing listed above.
  2. I'm sorry for not giving a possible solution, I couldn't think of one
  3. will this only be the color? Or other genes?
  4. well, that's okay, there are many of these types of suggestions, I don't really know what to do in this situation so please ask
  5. I think the only thing that is something like this is other creature packs suggestions, still really good, upvoted
  6. Since the migration of Winged and aquatic nichelings is a bit odd and this kind of prevents smooth transitions to completely aquatic or mostly aerial biomes(like cliffs) as we have to consider player curiosity and the fact they may not have flying or underwater breathing. So I thought, why not have special ports as a consideration? Underwater ports are found on the very edges of islands and have a slightly darker sand texture and have a shallow pass moving off the island, similar to the rocks Flying/Sky ports are often found in the center of the islands and have different colors depending on the island they lead to, they also have small clouds forming a loosely defined line towards a specific direction edit: you need underwater breathing to use the water ports and flying to use the sky ports too
  7. hello, I'm sorry, but I had already suggested something like this here(but yours is ok enough, but a little too close for comfort) :
  8. hello, I would like to redirect you to this post:
  9. lol this is the only other long legs idea I have seen, but I am asking you, what are the ramifications of having such long legs?
  10. Well I just made it subtract from digging, cold resistance and camoflauge it subtracts from camo because your creature is tall and extends over the grass, cold resistance because the legs would lose heat easily and digging because burrowing and digging animals usually have short legs to dig more efficiently
  11. this circumvents that issue by letting you walk in waters that can be stood in, but I see an aquatic creature having a tall legged baby, it's rather disappointing for me actually, because it needs some downside, however you probably should be punished for having a tall-legged baby in deep water
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