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  1. what about this lets you ascend up things such as rocks as well?
  2. interesting, seems this is a common thought my suggestion
  3. alright then, so what should I do, delete it? Or should I name it cool body
  4. I know, but heat body is unrealistic too and in the game files within console, sort of
  5. Why should we have preds that can literally come out of nowhere and burn down the entire island? That's really awful from a game design standpoint and a realism standpoint as well imagine this, you have a normal nicheling, you walk two spaces forward and see a firebreathing pred, you try to run away, but you notice the grass is burning, it burns out half of your island along with your trees, permanent nests and berry bushes before it rains and that part is now literally useless for anything. In that situation, unless you can kill the predator before it breathes its first breath, you are a
  6. well it doesn't make fire, it makes a boiling mixture with chemicals, it's essentially firing a scalding, toxic secretion (benzoquinones) and while nichelings can have parts from arthropods, full on firebreathing is a bit too unrealistic, also no organism can actually make it(besides humans with tools) and while there may be speculative ways for organisms to breathe fire such as methane gas from their guts being ignited by a piezoelectric crystal, no non fictional organism can do that
  7. well I did and I am just asking does it cause the environment to catch fire?
  8. also what would fire do? set things on fire? that's a frankly horrible idea as fire permanently prevents grass from regrowing ever as of now, trees from producing nuts and etc. You could burn out your entire island by accidentally breathing fire and make it uninhabitable
  9. So, let me get this started, the amount of trees in niche is pretty good so far, but the one thing I have a small gripe with is the lack of effect rivers have on the surrounding biomes, maybe this could help further immerse us in the game as well as add interesting game mechanics. Reference photo The weeping willow tree, for the most part, functions like your standard tree(except it spawns only near rivers) in niche, being a place where winged nichelings can perch, but has no nuts like the mangrove tree, this is where the special part comes in. The weeping willow tree, afte
  10. I am a bit sorry, but I made this a while ago, this is unique enough however, love this
  11. how about shiny breastplate disables fur color or pattern instead of -1 camo, that's a bit arbitrary and super easy to counteract
  12. Imagine using trees, rivers and rocks to make a "farm", and there is a permanent nest there too and a stump next to it
  13. I'm sorry for not giving a possible solution, I couldn't think of one
  14. I think the only thing that is something like this is other creature packs suggestions, still really good, upvoted
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