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  1. Nudu(the heat bodied nicheling): ... *Bearyena bursts into flames in the distance as a bunnil jumps out of the grass on fire, the grass is now also on fire* Dukvan(some other nicheling) : "This is fine"
  2. one of the most creative things I have seen đź‘Ť I like this
  3. sounds much more balanced, but maybe it has heat resistance?
  4. sounds ok, but the lizards need to leap off high places in order to glide, it will be a bit weird for only extended ribs to let a fox-sized(approximately) animal fly as well as a bird
  5. *sizzle sizzle sizzle*
  6. the paw is stupidly op, if you have 2 of them and lean body you have a digger nicheling(which can have a different snout for different purposes too) that can run faster than a winged nicheling can fly
  7. this is ok, but imagine if you moved to a warmer biome
  8. oh my god because it was so very long
  9. people do spray their apples and berries with pesticide, not acorns though
  10. Yes, but if this gene was too easy to get, in the mid game, once you reach the grass adventure(forgot the name), you could have very strong nichelings with double claw ripping the bearyena to shreds and moving at a breakneck pace, but maybe 4 biomes because I just discovered the beach loophole and you can find both swamps and savannah on that island
  11. sounds way better, that way, you still have to explore, but can still make use of it
  12. what about instead of giving it big nose requirements, you have to move 20 tiles on all biomes(except water) because free, additional movement is op
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