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  1. I know, but it may confuse those who are watching on youtube
  2. that might confuse new and old players alike as they may think blind nichelings cannot move
  3. Just a reminder, I am currently making concept art to show how these nests may look in game🐣 edit: I will be unable to post for about a week after I post this and have little access to internet so I will post the concept art soon
  4. hmm.... basically maake the nichelings salmon colored? I like
  5. hmm... I'd say this is reasonably fair and balanced, one of the best posts you've sent
  6. and no fishing?🐟 one would probably work fine and I just remembered that this is basically better poison fangs, maybe the original poison fangs should give at least +1 strength(I forgot if it does now)
  7. maybe the effect can be called dermarespiration? (derma=skin + respire=breathing) because that's how they stay under for so long, I find it funny that a snake head has 1 smelling also maybe instead of +1 camouflage it has +1 sight because the tail is rimmed with light sensors hat pick up differences in lighting
  8. how would you breed then? get off and make a nest? but the predator may still come for you, unless if you fed it it won't massacre you
  9. seems well and good oh wait, will floating apply to this too, the pengu nicheling will drown 💀
  10. hmm I see, so it is very recessive, seems like a fair balance, megaloceros horns work a similar way edit: oh wait it isn't since you have to rely on RNG to get megaloceros horns and you only need to attack stuff with venom 50 times to get this stinger, still too op
  11. ok I see, but tbh scorpion tail would be useless with this thing around
  12. maybe it should have reduced flight compared to bird wings? So that bird wings should still be useful?
  13. hmm... maybe if you immediately build then destroy these, they give back all material I made the long-lasting nest last 10 days and require 15 material to build and 8 to maintain because for an extra 5 material, you get 5 extra days. You don't need to build it if you really wanna rush away or pass through the island but it is handy nonetheless for long stays, the long term benefits are larger than the short term costs The quick nest was for last resorts that don't expend that much material, such as a nearly dead mom or just keeping those freaking dodomingoes away, because the long term costs out weight the short term benefits
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