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  1. :-[ Um I suck at concept art, I'll try though (Might not make it in time)
  2. Hi can you pls. look at my Burrowing Owlparrot Idea? by the way this was amazing and well thought out
  3. Burrowing Owl-parrot (It's a Kakapo joke) piercing (goes through spikes and armor) 4 speed 4 flight 3 attack 1 digging Piercing Battle Cry (Like Strong Voice, but boosts strength of other burrowing owlparrots by +2) climbing (climbs virtually any object) 3 smelling 5 sight 4 hearing 4 stealth based on: Burrowing Owls Kakapos (also called owlparrots) Summary: This Bird sports green tail feathers while the rest of it is brown(female) or dappled green(male), This species of bird is highly aware of it's surroundings and is an excellent flier and runner. It is a fearsome predator and is highly intelligent, easily recognizing danger, mates and prey. These Birds travel in flocks of 2-5 adults and 0-4 fledglings and have tight family bonds. Once every 10 days on an Island with a significant area of Grassland, Scrubland(idea) or Savannah (at least 20 blocks of any), they fly to islands like this and land on isolated areas for the first two days, then they try to explore the land. When they find a Bunny Burrow, Stagmole Burrow, Cactus or an abandoned nest, they move in and make this their nest where they lay eggs and prefer to roost near. When a Nicheling, Bearyena, Bluebird or other predator comes close, they perform a battle cry at it, if it comes closer, they rush and attack their target and ferociously claw and peck at the predator, then they retreat to a spot where they will be safer. Like a family of Parravens, they will also attack nichelings, and they can be befriended by offering them food, killing a predator near their nest, or saving one of their offspring then they will be friendly. When befriended, they will warn you of predators such as bearyenas or blue bird and will attack them and offer 1/2 of the meat to you, they still will occasionally steal some carcass meat or nuts and their battle cry will also boost your nichelings. eats: carcasses, Rabbils, Nuts, berries, stagmoles(small animals), Insects(we need this), Roots predators: Bearyena, bluebirds, etc. lives in and lays eggs(needs mate) in: Bunny Burrows, Stagmole Burrows, Cacti moves during the day and night, when you move and moves 3 times at night Found in: Savannah, Scrublands(idea), grasslands lives for: 75 days Life stages: Egg(5 days) -> Chick(20 days) -> Fledgeling (5 days) -> adult (45 days) concept art coming soon
  4. Hey here's my idea (Mention me) Toothy Beak +insectivore (eating insects) +1 strength +1 fishing +1 smelling feathered arms(clawed) +jumping +gliding +1 strength +1 flight +2 speed +3 climbing (per set) also feathered hind limbs that provide the same function except this: + steady flight (stops creatures from falling out of the sky) +1 speed +1 swimming +1 climbing Feathered tail (like an archeopteryx) + balance (stops tripping) + steady flight + easy movement (that dodging thing) the way to evolve this is to break open ice to find one of these ancients
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