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  1. Maybe they would come as a sort of "bonus" for also owning Nimbatus? Other games do this too and it works(unless they over rely on it)
  2. Nudu(the heat bodied nicheling): ... *Bearyena bursts into flames in the distance as a bunnil jumps out of the grass on fire, the grass is now also on fire* Dukvan(some other nicheling) : "This is fine"
  3. one of the most creative things I have seen 👍 I like this
  4. sounds much more balanced, but maybe it has heat resistance?
  5. sounds ok, but the lizards need to leap off high places in order to glide, it will be a bit weird for only extended ribs to let a fox-sized(approximately) animal fly as well as a bird
  6. the paw is stupidly op, if you have 2 of them and lean body you have a digger nicheling(which can have a different snout for different purposes too) that can run faster than a winged nicheling can fly
  7. this is ok, but imagine if you moved to a warmer biome
  8. people do spray their apples and berries with pesticide, not acorns though
  9. Yes, but if this gene was too easy to get, in the mid game, once you reach the grass adventure(forgot the name), you could have very strong nichelings with double claw ripping the bearyena to shreds and moving at a breakneck pace, but maybe 4 biomes because I just discovered the beach loophole and you can find both swamps and savannah on that island
  10. sounds way better, that way, you still have to explore, but can still make use of it
  11. what about instead of giving it big nose requirements, you have to move 20 tiles on all biomes(except water) because free, additional movement is op
  12. this probably should only occur on hard-killer islands right?
  13. The Roadpecker is a combination of a woodpecker🐦 and a roadrunner, they spawn from giant cacti in the desert that are out of sight, they are rather uncommon Movement: Roadpeckers move only during the day when you do, they usually sprint around the desert sands and occasionally fly on top of high places, they try to avoid any sort of larger predators in their region including your nichelings Size: these birds are about the size of a teen nicheling, with their tails being as long as they are Habitat: Roadpeckers live in the desert biome, though may occasionally wander into cleared plots of Savannah in islands like in Transitional zone, they dislike grass and will avoid it as much as they can Hunting: If it manages to detect your nichelings, it will run away extremely quickly except if it's a lone baby(which it will try to kill), if cornered or attacked, it will fight back with its 2 attack and 1 pierce which will put a dent into all but the toughest of nichelings, it can also fly onto trees and giant cacti to escape you. They drop 7 food when killed. Lifespan: They live for 25 days Diet: These birds feed on insects(including scorptulas), baby nichelings, bunnils, meat and occasionally berries if they happen across them Predators: These birds are hunted by bearyenas, adult nichelings and Fennec foxotes but can also fall to a coordinated attack by burrowing owlparrots Abilities: 5 speed 3 flight 1 collecting 2 insect collecting 3 eyesight 1 hearing 1 smelling 2 attack 1 pierce(breaks 1 layer of defense/spikiness) 1 light step
  14. I agree, giving no speed is a penalty in and of itself, you could have runner leg in the snow biome/other biomes instead and be fast enough to actually reach everything, without a speed penalty two sloth claws would only let you have 4 movement max if you decide to go all speed and attack, I prefer to call this build sickle weasel, because they are suprisingly fast while retaining high strength, however this build has little hope of surviving in snow biomes and cannot gather unless you have beak
  15. maybe it should have 2 strength and 1 digging for balance? also if you just have normal hindlegs, big body and two sloth claws(because who doesn't wanna be an extremely powerful slashing machine), you can't move
  16. I meant deep snow is the one that reduces speed if you walk through it, I meant the really deep layers that occur during blizzards, you can still clear it out with your nichelings, but there is no way you can think of fox sized mammals clearing out several meters of deep sand/mud. This means you can still have normal hindlegs/any other hindlegs if you want in the desert(still need flight/light step, but winged nichelings can spawn in deserts) or mountain biomes, but need to clear away the deep snow to move through it, like what we need to do now.
  17. 🌴Desert biome🌵 Islands: Island 1: Mixed thoughts This island is a large expanse of Deep sand(to be explained later) with scattered foliage and a few large(and steep edged) plateaus bordered with deep sand to prevent you from just zooming up the cliff too easily that contain Savannah biomes which have small lakes with palm trees and berry bushes surrounding them. It is also as hot as the jungle and as large as the burning Savannah The port has 10 tiles and is colored beige with small bones, and this island is under the medium difficulty. Island 2: Swirling desert This island is extremely large, being bigger than the burning Savannah while having barely any cover, only with occasional rocks, oases, wood and plants. To make it even worse, this island consists completely of Deep sand as its main ground type, with no other terrain except for things like rocks, it also is about as hot as the jungle The port for this island has 6 tiles and is colored beige with whole nicheling skeletons, it exists in the Transitional zone and is under hard difficulty Island 3: Transitional zone This island is half Savannah and half desert(has an oasis), it is meant to give you a taste of the desert without having your poor unadapted creature population automatically implode from heatstroke, lack of food or predators in the first few days while still requiring you to have some useful adaptations for the desert like scorpion tail and big ears because those are good for surviving in the Savannah too. This island is entered through the south which is north of the burning Savannah, it also has a port to the whale island if you wanna opt out of the harsh desert and just run the hell away The port has 16 tiles and is half grassy and half bare with only bones covering the bare tiles, it is under medium difficulty Terrain: Deep sand: - Halves speed of animals that walk in it, negated by light step(will be in it's own post) Rock Tree stump Termite mounds Stone cave: - can be hidden in to provide +2 heat resistance and protection from large predators Plants: Plain desert: Dead berry bush Cactus Giant cactus(Will be in its own post, think of it as the Acacia tree of the desert) Tumbleweed(you can break it to get 10 material, but it moves at 1 movement across the sands after it has grown for 10 days) Oasis only: Palm tree Berry bush Specialized genes: Hooded shell(think about armadillos😞 +2 defense +2 heat resistance -1 cold resistance +1 scentless +1 speed unlock conditions: spend 50 days in the desert Light hind limbs: +1 light step(enables walking on deep snow, sand or mud without speed reduction) +1 stealth +1 swimming +1 speed unlock conditions: move 25 times on deep sand, deep mud or deep snow Spiky tail(similar to the Uromastyx): +1 heat resistance +1 spikiness unlock conditions: hide in a stone cave 10 times Lizard claws(similar to a Desert monitor): +2 attack + climbing(can go up terrain like trees which normally need climbing) unlock conditions: attempt to climb a tree/giant cactus 15 times NPCs: Bunnil(is recolored with a beige back and white underside) Bluebird Termites Wandering nichelings Winged nichelings Scorptula(will have its own page) Tortagama(will have its own page) Roadpecker(will have its own page) Burrowing owlparrot(has a community voting page) Fennec foxote(will have its own page) Events: Sandstorm(removes 1 vision and reduces movement by 1) Rain(the same as normal rain, but rarer) Details about light step: is given by these parts Lean body(+1) Velvet paw(+1) Bat wings(even just one, +1) wings(even just one, +1) Webbed hind legs(because the webbing spreads the nichelings weight, +1) Light hind legs(+1)
  18. I know, but it may confuse those who are watching on youtube
  19. that might confuse new and old players alike as they may think blind nichelings cannot move
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