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  1. didn't many people already make something like this? But this is an original version
  2. maybe mid-air diving should be called "dive bomb" instead edit: wait one thing though, when a falcon flies at top speed or flaps, its wing feathers actually create a lot of sound as they cut through the air, they don't notice the falcon because by the time they "could" detect it, they have gotten pummeled by the falcon's talons and either knocked out of the air or fumbling around on the ground, but falcons fly at close to the same speed as pigeons and other normal birds when cruising so +3 or 2 flight each wing is okay
  3. maybe there can be blue fur? so that it can hide in water or high places more efficiently
  4. sounds a bit silly honestly, but fun edit: one more thing, sleeping sickness reduces energy, so how will that work? temporary immobility? that sounds really fun to do to an ape or walrus deer
  5. shouldn't there also be a pattern gene called chromatophores? Those are the organs that enable a cuttlefish to change color to scare predators, hide, fool other cuttlefish, hypnotize prey and etc. Maybe the cuttle body should have its distasteful appearance removed because that is a product of the color change
  6. click click click click - click click click
  7. apparently the spectral bat can catch prey like an owl, but if these bat wings are like fruit bats, then I think they won't be able to swoop efficiently
  8. maybe give it 1-3 flight? so that you can get in trees, especially since this is based off rhino beetles also maybe the rhino beetle head can get food from the trunk of a tree(1 food per drink), because they drink sap, but maybe if you drank too many times, the tree would lose it's leaves when it has 1 drink left(which is an indicator), stop making sap and nuts/fruit and requires 5 days to regain its sap and bear fruit again. If you keep drinking, the tree will wilt and die, and slowly(takes 4 days) becomes nothing but a stump gif: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-19245673-drone-beetle-pseudotorynorrhina-japonica-feeding-on-tree
  9. I made this already in the electric reel, but it was a tail Gene: Shocking tail +Electrical resistance +1 swimming with water body -1 cold resistance +Power shock(when attacking, the target gets stunned for 3 turns, this also pierces defense) unlock conditions: kill and eat an electric reel  (extra) appearance: electric eel tail
  10. good idea, and give it +1 heat resistance and -1 or 2 cold resistance, so it will be better for savannahs and swamps than the armored body and so that it will fit the theme of "reptile" 🐢
  11. Yeah I saw both those videos, but they were referring to sea turtle shells here and by the way, the first turtle was a softshell, one of the fastest turtles in the world on land, they are also really fast in water, but for this speed, they only have leathery skin instead of keratinous scales for armour
  12. I see that but it's a bloody turtle shell..... I know they can be light but it restricts mobility of the torso nevertheless
  13. the shell should deduct from speed on land too(at least -1)
  14. yeah, maybe spending time around them or shaking the ape trees will unlock it
  15. pretty good idea, but maybe instead of just any forest but maybe jungles? Because there is no definitive normal forest biome in niche
  16. they have defense, it's hard to hurt them and not to implode from 3 turns of hurt without using armored body to help you
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