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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 12:16 AM, BirdsAreCool said:

    I know what convergent evolution is. You were giving me the impression that you thought beaks were a feature unique to birds, my bad. And yes, this is an avian beak, but that doesn't mean something similar couldn't evolve in some other group of animals. The platypus has a bill similar to ducks, hence the name duck-billed platypus, and cephalopods have beaks very similar to parrots. And it's not like niche particularly cares if a gene seems out of place on nichelings, I mean not only have we got the beaks we've also got things like the scorpion tail and antennae

    I still think that having 50 nichelings with wings as well as 50 with the cracker jaw is a bit much. As I said before, if you think a beak would look silly on a nicheling without wings then you don't have to give them a beak. Making it more difficult to unlock based on this opinion seems unfair when it's not really going to make much of a difference to your gameplay if you do unlock it

    well ok then

  2. basically birds often use their bills to do things which other animals do with their limbs, tail, etc. for example, the toucan uses its bill to reach fruit and eggs on thin branches, while a monkey uses it's hands, I'm saying that while it would be useful, it would be odd for the average run of the mill nicheling to unlock a beak like that even though it, birds had wings for a long time in their evolutionary history, and their beaks/feet(in the case of parrots and raptors) serve to work around the limitations wings have versus say, arms

  3. 15 minutes ago, BirdsAreCool said:

    It's no more op than the bird beak we currently have in game, which gives 2 smell, 1 collecting and 2 digging. Wings as well would make it twice as complicated to unlock. If you don't want your nichelings to have it if they don't have wings, then you don't have to make them have it

    ok then

  4. shoebills cannot smell well, so maybe 1 smelling? and once again, imagine funky looking shoebill nichelings with webbed paws and bearyena hindlegs, maybe since these genes are avian, the wings would let you "bridge" into them, because birds use theier bills to do what their now flight, swim or etc. adapted forelimbs and feet can't, like catching fish while also being tall, grabbing fruit off the edges of thin branches or as a way to crack hard seeds and nuts

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  5. 48 minutes ago, magpie said:

    "Speed", or rather mobility, could be gained by wings, too; heat body won't slow you down and you can use bearyena hind legs for extra strength (plus mega horns plus sabertooth fangs). With this combination, no further strength or speed is necessary, so scorpion tail becomes a must. :)Big body forces your pack to stay in a cluster to warm each other up (i. e. the cold resistance isn't absolute) and so it's harder to surround the deer effectively, while runner legs don't add up to damage and their 'reach' is rather limited compared to wings. My opinion though, I haven't really experimented that much, so feel free to prove me wrong.

    nice, basically your nichelings become killer birds

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  6. I agree, it is supposed to be larger than a balance bear and is supposed to be able to crush things, but can it crush other animals? that would be useful, there would be a pack of ramfoxes in the mountains trying to eat its baby, then the mammoth would run over them and they would all die, then you get free meat

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