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  1. woof woof woof :] im on my laptop so i cant post any new art ive made while ive been gone but i have a deviantart account if any of you guys visit that site (Spek2490) i swear a lot there so. yeah
  2. i just tried downloading the game in an attempt to check it out but when i opened it up i have no nichelings and my island is already lvl 13 and stuff like that making it seem like i've already played the game. not sure whats wrong
  3. shakes you HELP, LET ME GO
  4. also I’m working on renio’s new ref sheet as a furry which ngl is gonna take me a while, not counting if I’ll even maintain the motivation to do so. but I needed an update for her because the old one was,, bright. And weird But here’s the sketch so far. (I’m not too sure about the hair, yet. Might scrap it)
  5. taps knees its pride month get ready for,,, extra gay!!! (this isn’t a new drawing but whatever)
  6. eating too much, feeling bad, drawing, dying and probably annoying everyone on my discord server lol all of which are positives. I assure you, you must believe me
  7. what’s your gamertag
  8. okay I’m just gonna get it it’s good it’s fine now I’m just gonna get a membership
  9. wait hold on damn i have to get an online subscription because Nintendo wants my money
  10. I’m on my laptop, whatcha want me to do?
  11. how? I really don’t know how to run minecraft that well all I know is Xbox 360 and that’s so outdated
  12. yes it’s my username but it shows as Renio I think so if that one doesn’t work try Renio
  13. my username is LogicalCarrot83 if that helps (I know it’s super dumb but I’m signed on to my Xbox 1 account I made on my laptop and it was the generated name)
  14. but the pc and switch are both bedrock, so that means you have bedrock, right? I can still play with you if you want?
  15. lol I doubt it he’s neutered
  16. I have minecraft on my Nintendo switch and that’s it. I don’t think I can get it for free, unless I’m missing something oop
  17. We’ve looked all around our neighborhood. my friend has twice, and he knows exactly where his home is. I just hope he’s okay..
  18. We’re not too sure, our theories are: -somebody took him in -he went to yogi bear park without us because this one forest at the bottom of our streets leads to yogi bear park -he died even though I really don’t want to think he did My mother also posted a missing thing for him on FB so if he died or someone found him we would probably be contacted.
  19. okay hold on I need to get my laptop up...what do you want me to do?
  20. my former cat named Blue, the male adult grey tabby has been lost for 3 weeks now. We got two more kittens, twin sisters, one’s named Nyx one’s named Wednesday. So a different cat.
  21. I have a laptop. does... that count?
  22. came to post a bit of art perhaps. and I’m quite bored anyway, and I wanted you people to know this : I have a Nintendo switch, Pokemon sword, animal crossing is coming in the mail, I have minecraft on it, I have two kittens, my other cat is lost right now, I’m not going to die yet, I have pup as a comrade, and I don’t what else you need to know ? havoc, I used to wreck across these lands. I apologize for that
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