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  1. I like it, but the snakes are a bit OP. They shouldn't be able to poison toxic fangs or body. Makes sense they can't be poison, though.
  2. I like these, but a couple are would make the game a bit more ragequitty. Fights shouldn't be able to make nichelings half blind, considering it's a gene that can get passed down to babies. Rouge males shouldn't be able to take a female hostage if her strength or defense or both are equal to or higher than his. They also shouldn't be able to kill babies unless the female leaves the nest Drowning damage should go away a day after you leave the water, not 3 days
  3. Great idea i hope this gets added and the glow color is eye color that would look so cool
  4. I hope this gets added in an update soon.
  5. I agree. Maybe to speed up the process you could just make skin/hair types a texture instead of giving them a model?
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