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  1. CanDLinkZz


    … Does anyone here play Splatoon 3? 👀
  2. So I haven’t been active a lot because of well. Life things, but uh, I got a girlfriend three days ago, so that was cool. Anyway. I miss interacting with you all here, and creating stories, and doing art— so, I’m going to try to be at least a little active. ^^;
  3. You have an entire castle all to yourself, complete with secret passages and hidden rooms. What do you fill your rooms with? Give me all the details. All of them. Draw them if you must.
  4. I am in creative writing right now and we're writing drama scripts and i have no ideas-
  5. that looks to be going well
  6. Hello! I don't blame you. Owl House is good.
  7. i have so many drawing things to do o mah gwoosh
  8. I started wood whittling recently.
  9. I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THE FORUMS IN QUITE SOME TIME. GREETINGS. i wrote that all in caps lock without realising.
  10. CanDLinkZz

    help pls

    So we're writing drama scripts in Creative Writing for the people in the Drama elective to perform. and i have no ideas. please help.
  11. ... there was a factory that brought clouds to life, and i dont know why, but sentient clouds... it just seems a little cursed.
  12. Feel free to ask me to draw things. I'm hella busy, but like I might get to it in ten years
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