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  1. '"I like hair." "You like hair?" "I like hair." "Do you like toilet?" "And toilet."'
  2. Anyone here a limelight? You know who you are, my fellow Why Don't We followers Just look at them.
  3. Okay so I was gonna fill in the wings but this actually looks kinda cool Want me to fill them in anyway or...?
  4. It's a... Something, i dont know.
  5. I also did this at some point just a thing
  6. I had this lying around not sure if it’s acceptable
  7. Of course, my friends! 🙃 wow, you're better at coming up with things for me to draw than my friends in real life... I didn't expect to get this many... hmmm... are you all secretly part of the mars cult?
  8. Im working on a thing. Contemplating whether or not I should post it here. This is kind of turning into my art dump. Maybe that's what I should call it.
  9. This is forever in thy sketchbook
  10. Deep gratitude for thou kindness, thy will never let thyself forget...
  11. Wait, i got this *picks up sketchbook and starts rapidly drawing*
  12. =^0o0^= i forgot about that...
  13. Oh hey, I forgot this existed.
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