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  1. Oh, I forgot to add— I feel weird drawing them like cats because well, they’re not cats. They’re leaner, they have longer legs and heads, etc. I still use cats and dogs as references though ^^;; also, do you personally see the gems as part of their anatomy, or just an in-game visual? I kind of see them as both, I spose. It’s hard to imagine them realistically, but it’s also hard to imagine a nicheling without them, so I tend to imagine that they’re kind of a similar material as horns, and that they grow from the chest gradually and turn different colours or are painted with plant juice or whatever.
  2. I imagine, based on how thin and weak their back legs look, they move similarly to bunnies in that their front legs can move independently but they move their back legs together, and that the reason bearyenas can move faster than nichelings with all the bearyena genes is simply because their bodies are larger and more accustomed to the strong, heavy limbs and head. I also imagine they communicate in a combination of vocalisations and body language, and their language is still much more advanced than say, dogs and cats, but not nearly as complex as human speech. add yours :3
  3. To think I joined this place when I was like,, 12. Has it really been that long?


    anyway, I really wanna get back into niche and twv but there’s just so much in my life right now— so i think I’m gonna stick to drawing for now.

    I’ve gotten better since last time I posted my art here, so if you wanna request some of your sillies to be drawn

    i can try and do them justice ^^;

  4. I’m back again

    (again again again)

  5. why are there two mattresses TwT

  6. Just wanted a little fun thing to do for the spooky season. It’s a very basic idea, so feel free to stick some suggestions that I can add on. Your little group of creatures (as few or as many as you want, preferably mostly randomised— im making this as customisable as possible so anyone regardless of skill can join in ^^) start off on a large island, with plenty of food, but they can’t gather any yet. You see, these creatures have a very particular set of beliefs, and as such, they are only to eat from the food they already have in store until the very day it rains. Only then can they go ‘trick-or-treating’— which means gathering as much food as their little paws can carry! This is also the only day they can attack any of their predators— and only spooky enough creatures (Im thinking creatures with Bearyena or bat genes, but you can make your own parameters for this :3) can ward them off!
  7. Please refrain from throwing eggs in my vicinity, thank you.
  8. ok turns out she's grown quite the attachment to crabbits and fish too this totally wont effect her playthrough later on, right? riiiight.
  9. there is simply not enough fanart in the wandering village section

    so i shall make some

  10. She also has quite an affinity with bunnies it's just her thing so she's never going to kill any of them this wont have any effect on her game later, riiight? totally.
  11. Okay, she used up her nesting material because we couldn't find a nest for a while, and i finally got her to start picking grass to replenish it.
  12. she picked from a cactus before I could tell her what it does This is going to go so well ^^;
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