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  1. Funny story. Last year, we had an assignment in art. We were to pick an image of an animal, trace the outlines, and fill in the details. This art class was on a rotation with a lot of other art and technology subjects, meaning all of the people in this class did not choose to be there. With that knowledge, our teacher gave us almost seven weeks to finish the project, but I, passionate about drawing as I am, finished it in under three. she didnt know what to do with me after that so i spent my time doing tiny details for the friends of mine who couldn't e bothered and doing other random jobs in the art room, which included painting two dozen boards plain white for the high school arts to use. That was actually really fun.
  2. CanDLinkZz


    I no longer have budgie. :c
  3. •́ ‿ ,•̀ this f a c e is so sad but so sweet
  4. the layout on this keyboard is slightly different but ill try my best ~Howling Meafows~ SO CLOSE HOLD ON ~Howling Meadows~ : D
  5. CanDLinkZz


    Tiger, my lil budgie who is not so little anymore
  6. they are cuties and i love them. im drawing the first one now.
  7. "Would you like some sand?"
  8. Goodbye gift for friend. I wish it was enough ;-; very much miss her.
  9. I've not been on here in ages. Probably way behind you guys now Oh well.
  10. Hm. I love being alone, but I'm also scared of being alone. (?) Loud noises. lskjgdkfj Flashing lights The corner of the room and under the window Being watched. People hearing my voice Just to name a few.
  11. You really seem to like pumpkins, don't you?
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