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  1. OHOHOH I have another one! "Hey! You wanna dance?" Person says yes. "Okay! Go dance so I can talk to your pretty friend."
  2. "You're adorable to an extent that should be illegal, because I swear I'll break the law for you if I have to. " "Your personality is sweeter than a Bounsweet and that should be impossible." (Bounsweet is described as 'too sweet for a human to eat')
  3. this sentence Since Niche became my favourite game, hexagons have also become one of my favourite shapes. They make me happy.
  4. *exists in the brightest and darkest corners of the room all at once*
  5. it is so cute. I just-- i love the I love it. Yes. Thank you.
  6. imagine trying to speedrun niche
  7. Get a friend to yeet a random book out their window. Read it. Might find something interesting. Year before last year (2019) i'd always take a quick glance at my friend's desk to see if she had any new books. If she did, i'd go up and read the blurb. Sometimes she let me borrow them (if she had something else to read for the rest of the day). That's how I found my favourite books. Let people on the forums give you their nichelings or characters to draw. Pretty cool things come out of asking people for things to draw. Draw a scene from your favourite book or redesi
  8. CanDLinkZz


    He have a bunch of healthy orchids near the front door. I really want a tiny cactus to put on my window. My mum is thinking of having me start a lil garden in the yard because she doesn't trust anyone else to keep plants alive. I'd love to have a jungle of my own.
  9. voibce you have a cool voibce
  10. Oh i thought i posted this already Well, the laptop I us can't actually run Niche at all anymore, so I'm using my sister's, and that makes it sort of difficult to wrte. That's why I haven't been posting. TwT Oh well, I'll probably start again soon. Although, it seems like I can never go through with, like, anything on these forums.
  11. As for mine, i think ill save it for next year. i wanna get it right. Happy holidays!
  12. you just im surprised i didnt notice this or maybe i did and just dont remember see every time i think things like that i summon some far-off memory that may or may not be a figment of my imagination but now i feel like i did notice it and just didn't remember now im questioning myself hmm But great observation! Happy holidays, people of the forums =^w^=
  13. Good art. Much wow. =^w^=
  15. I just have two. One random shiny eevee, the first eevee I ever encountered in game and now an almighty powerful sylveon that helped me beat the league, and one i got not too long ago, a wonder-traded heliolisk. =^w^=
  16. Bean called Ora and I wanna make people happy with draw. They have lil gems and blue feathers hanging from their antlers. Smol quiet bean. Quirky but sweet. Way too observant for their own good, but loves it that way. Would totally love blueberries if they existed in this world. And honey, too. You'll probably find them staring off into space (which usually happens to be someone's face, but let's ignore that fact for their sake) not going to lie i might just draw everyone's nichelings alongside the main one hope you dont mind i have too much free time and also i wanna mak
  17. I'm bored. Everyone at school today went to big splash and my best frend didnt bother coming to school and all my other friends are at big splash and im bored and we were told that we're spending the entire day in this one room and im bored and my devices are almost out of battery did i mention that im bored?
  18. *deep inhale* FRIEND DRAMAAAAAA
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