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  1. CanDLinkZz

    help pls

    So we're writing drama scripts in Creative Writing for the people in the Drama elective to perform. and i have no ideas. please help.
  2. ... there was a factory that brought clouds to life, and i dont know why, but sentient clouds... it just seems a little cursed.
  3. The ghosty on the back of my whiteboard
  4. Feel free to ask me to draw things. I'm hella busy, but like I might get to it in ten years
  5. that's my art dump done ill be back next year folks-
  6. Me and a friend of mine have a realm and I have this one castle design that i always replicate. It's heavily based on the RE8 castle. It's got all the secret doors and such, and nobody's been able to go all the way through it yet. It's sort of my 'attraction'. I let people go through it and if they get to the treasure room, they get to take whatever they want from it. 😄
  7. 'GOD IS TEXTING ME' i did that with caps lock on without realising but it's really funny thagt way so im keeping it. Also i just realised how long my thing has said 'happy pride'.
  8. i forgot that i created this thing. Well, school just started so i dont have a lot of time but ill come back to this eventually.
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