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  1. Just wanted a little fun thing to do for the spooky season. It’s a very basic idea, so feel free to stick some suggestions that I can add on. Your little group of creatures (as few or as many as you want, preferably mostly randomised— im making this as customisable as possible so anyone regardless of skill can join in ^^) start off on a large island, with plenty of food, but they can’t gather any yet. You see, these creatures have a very particular set of beliefs, and as such, they are only to eat from the food they already have in store until the very day it rains. Only then can they go ‘trick-or-treating’— which means gathering as much food as their little paws can carry! This is also the only day they can attack any of their predators— and only spooky enough creatures (Im thinking creatures with Bearyena or bat genes, but you can make your own parameters for this :3) can ward them off!
  2. Please refrain from throwing eggs in my vicinity, thank you.
  3. ok turns out she's grown quite the attachment to crabbits and fish too this totally wont effect her playthrough later on, right? riiiight.
  4. there is simply not enough fanart in the wandering village section

    so i shall make some

  5. She also has quite an affinity with bunnies it's just her thing so she's never going to kill any of them this wont have any effect on her game later, riiight? totally.
  6. Okay, she used up her nesting material because we couldn't find a nest for a while, and i finally got her to start picking grass to replenish it.
  7. she picked from a cactus before I could tell her what it does This is going to go so well ^^;
  8. She has had her first encounter with a rogue male she is mortified
  9. UPDATE We have defeated our first bearyena with relative ease! one nicheling did get a little scratched up, but she was quickly healed by fruit.
  10. I got my girlfriend to play niche. Here I will detail the shenanigans we get into— minus screenshots, because my computer is still being stubborn. she’s starting off questionably she dunked Adam in the ocean for a day by accident and she took quite a while to get off the two tutorial islands and sort of forgot to have enough children so she has about five nichelings and all of them are siblings we have not come across any wanderers. she also refuses to clear grass for whatever reason, so she’s not gathering any nesting material at all and it’s stressing me out lmao
  11. This island might not be as safe as they thought. Though nothing has attacked them, they have found it quite difficult to find any reliable sources of food, especially as they have two more children to feed. Misi has grown older, though, and she is able to help pick berries from bushes, and the rain has returned to nourish the plants, so there may be hope for them yet.
  12. Before long, Adam and Eve have their first child, hidden away by thick grass from anything that might try to harm them. She's a bold pink colour, has a wonderfully long nose, and a scent that reminds Adam of home. They name her Misi. But food is running short, so Eve makes use of her big nose and leaves her new child behind to look for food. It takes her a while to find anything to eat, but when she finally uncovers the berry bush by the beach, she catches a glimpse of something bright in the water. Upon looking a little closer, she discovers that it's a baby; older than her own, but still tiny, and crawling out of the water toward her desperately. She gathers the little one up in her arms and warms him up, giving him some food from the bush. Her heart twists with sympathy for the little one, and she immediately brings him to Adam. They name their new son Found.
  13. //.. i tried to stick a screenshot in there but it is being stubborn.
  14. (Storymode, but all creatures have a massively extended lifespan for the sake of story. Goal is the same as traditional storymode, with the added return of early access version Eve.) It's dark, rainy, and Adam and this mysterious stranger have just escaped from their tiny, lonely speck in the ocean to a larger, grassier island. He finds it strange; despite only knowing this Nicheling for mere days, he feels he can trust her completely- like he knows her from another life.
  15. and well, now that i'm older, i hope i can write better stories, too ^^;

  16. I did really miss this place. 

  17. im back



    let's see how well i can keep it up this time


    1. ralsei deltarune

      ralsei deltarune


    2. CanDLinkZz


      aw, missed you too!

  18. CanDLinkZz


    … Does anyone here play Splatoon 3? 👀
  19. So I haven’t been active a lot because of well. Life things, but uh, I got a girlfriend three days ago, so that was cool. Anyway. I miss interacting with you all here, and creating stories, and doing art— so, I’m going to try to be at least a little active. ^^;
  20. You have an entire castle all to yourself, complete with secret passages and hidden rooms. What do you fill your rooms with? Give me all the details. All of them. Draw them if you must.
  21. I am in creative writing right now and we're writing drama scripts and i have no ideas-
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