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  1. butbutbutbut that's not fair... youre too good at life for this world to accept, im sorry but you need to leave im dying it's so good much wow dont stop drawing, even when this cruel world takes you away because you're too good
  2. Tuft heh i like dat name oh and to answer your long-ago question, Silver, I'm well =^w^= you?
  3. ShadowAndPup3 again what happened there XD this game is great
  4. see, i would contribute to all of these 'drawing in other people's art styles', but I don't really have one style of art. so. that's kind of difficult. and by that i mean they're all drastically different. like, you probably wouldn't be able to tell it's the same person. it isn't even over a long span of time, either.
  5. uncle creepo peepo is peeping in the background im scared
  6. You know how people say that you have a different personality around different people? Yeah, this is way too true for me.
  7. I got into the game back when i was eight-- even now i'm really confused at how quickly i got into a game like this. And uh, how I understood any of what was going on... oh, maybe it was because it was back when the game was in early access and a lot more simple-- hey, the game grew up with me! =^w^=
  8. I need to be really warm to be comfortable, and my mum always complains that i open my blinds or put on a jacket or whatever I fiddle with my necklace when I'm anxious, and I feel uncomfortable without one on; it's XD speaking or which, i dont have one on now.......
  9. @SilverHowl In case you wanted to see
  10. 'S ALL GOOD now im just gonna sit in a corner and be sad .,.
  11. hold up i just realised is this java? it looks like java if it is then i cant play
  12. CanDLinkZz


    I'm a strange one Because I'm afraid of bright and flashing lights, I actually love the dark. My friends are baffled by how my eyes adjust so quickly and how confidently I can walk in and out of my room without turning on the light -- and with an open window and closet -- to find that little thing I forgot to take out earlier-- it's quite entertaining. I wouldn't survive half a second in a room with a half a dozen semi-loud people, but I hate it when the room is in complete silence. Usually I just open my window, but at this certain time at dusk, there's no wind and the birds are silent, so I'm just kind of dying, even with my music on. I-- if someone is mad at me I physically don't know what to do I'm not afraid of heights or spiders either, actually, and my older sister has described how I've never really disliked needles. and there's a certain girl who I despise with a passion but I actually dont but she scares all of us. That's all I have to say for now.
  13. ShadowAndPup3 I've done that name too many times, i think ill stop
  14. I did it i made the naked mole rat thing
  15. In which there is a colony of naked mole rats with wings. Oh, and each one is assigned a human; a human they can control. Two or three characters each-- that doesn't include the humans, btw. tHeY aRe ThEiR oWn VaRiAbLe I have a feeling both no one and everyone is going to join in here, so... knock yourselves out I guess With that, IM OUT---
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