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  1. that looks to be going well
  2. Hello! I don't blame you. Owl House is good.
  3. i have so many drawing things to do o mah gwoosh
  4. I started wood whittling recently.
  5. I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THE FORUMS IN QUITE SOME TIME. GREETINGS. i wrote that all in caps lock without realising.
  6. CanDLinkZz

    help pls

    So we're writing drama scripts in Creative Writing for the people in the Drama elective to perform. and i have no ideas. please help.
  7. ... there was a factory that brought clouds to life, and i dont know why, but sentient clouds... it just seems a little cursed.
  8. Feel free to ask me to draw things. I'm hella busy, but like I might get to it in ten years
  9. that's my art dump done ill be back next year folks-
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