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  1. *pulls out sketchbook * I did it. Be proud. Please. Her fur is like bright yellow and the shadows look strange and I feel bad but I did it 🙃
  2. Howdy, good human 🙃 Or maybe not human, you never know...
  3. ...Wow, am I really this interesting of a person? ...I didnt think so but im probably not hmmm
  4. Oh, and uh, my phone fixed itself, so pictures will (most likely) be posted. 🙃 unless im lazy and dont do it...
  5. ...This one ill be a little more loose. any preferred pose or posture?
  6. =^0o0^= so cute... Of course I will do Sunglow 🙃
  7. Not the best, but I did it 🙃 that little stripe around her neck that looks like a collar is so cute for some reason
  8. Ooo, Nice! 🙃 I would show some of mine, but like they're old and ugly like me...
  9. okay i admit that im not an imaginative person Gimme a pose. Please and thanks you.
  10. Oh, and uh, this is a taster for my strange artness yup
  11. Thank you friend! =^w^= And good luck with this. 🙃 Totally not using this as an excuse to try out the forum's amazing mechanics... And thank you for this also =3
  12. Well, you're welcome for notifying you of the existence of this wondrous event. it's wonderful 🙃
  13. I feel so happy =^w^= And this is interesting. Actually very true.
  14. Howdy!🙃 I already said howdy... and I use that emoji a lot
  15. International Cat Day is on the 8th of August. Be excited. 🙃 ... or am I just the only person who celebrates it? ... i probably am. I mean, I'm really weird... and random... and I'm obsessed with cats...
  16. Niche related or no, I don't really mind. although this is in the Niche forums, so like... eh 🙃 I may or may not put up pictures, but like my phone is being buggy, so it might take a while. If I ever do at all. ... now does anyone have 0.7mm hb pencil lead? like a lot of it?
  17. So uh I've been here for a while but never actually decided to introduce myself after reading the rules so I'm doing it now. I've been playing Niche since the first few early access versions, I love rhythm games and sugar (like, who doesn't???) and... I am a very random person. I think most of us are. I have nothing interesting to say about myself anymore. Uhhh... i love cats and birds, i love sugar honey golden flower tea, i read books, i love berries (specifically blueberries), i watch anime, i play roblox and minecraft, i also play slime rancher, cattails, shelter, shelter 2 and lost ember, i love cats, i also play spore, did i mention that i love cats? I also love sugar... i do origami, i'm learning Japanese, im half asian, i know the basics of guitar, im learning piano, i jump at everything (literally), i have phonophobia and photophobia, and that's it. Not really, but like whatever. Thank you for bothering to read this.
  18. I remember in some of the earlier versions of the game, there were little floating particles around the creature you had selected. Also, does anyone remember the rustling grass?
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