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  1. Me and a friend of mine have a realm and I have this one castle design that i always replicate. It's heavily based on the RE8 castle. It's got all the secret doors and such, and nobody's been able to go all the way through it yet. It's sort of my 'attraction'. I let people go through it and if they get to the treasure room, they get to take whatever they want from it. πŸ˜„
  2. 'GOD IS TEXTING ME' i did that with caps lock on without realising but it's really funny thagt way so im keeping it. Also i just realised how long my thing has said 'happy pride'.
  3. i forgot that i created this thing. Well, school just started so i dont have a lot of time but ill come back to this eventually.
  4. @PincerClaw420 This looks to be your nicheling, right? it is the only one with a bat wing,
  5. sky, you seem to have labelled me twice by accident ❀️ I will say though, the one that seems to actually be my nicheling is adORABLE!
  6. I'm abandoning the old stuff because I don't like old stuff! : D I have a few drawings to do from the other thread and probably a bunch of redraws too, and I'll also post a bunch of stuff that I just art in my free time. So yes. Enjoy or dont have fun : p
  7. Time differences are weird Sweet, smol quiet bean. Quirky but sweet. Way too observant for their own good, but loves it that way. Would totally love blueberries if they existed in this world. And honey, too. You'll probably find them staring off into space (which usually happens to be someone's face, but let's ignore that fact for their sake) Hope I don't get busy this time
  8. They also got an email from the year coordinator to use my preferred pronouns heck I'm so happy.
  9. Yo My teachers at school have managed to get my name changed on the roll and on my email and the EuphORIA
  10. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/594285151 Still very much unfinished, but it has a lot of the sections finished.
  11. The forums are yelling our names.
  12. Also, if all goes well (if all goes well!), I'll be able to dress up as Mimikyu and have a binder for my party.
  13. and I just really wanted to share this. So we all got cheated by the universe with Halloween this year and the last, and it just happens to be my favourite holiday. So, for my birthday, we're gathering all the leftover candy and Halloween decorations from shops on clearance and having a Halloween party for my birthday in late November. I'm just really excited about this, so I wanted to share it. by the way we're all vaccinated, we'll be wearing masks most likely, and there'll be no more than ten visitors. parents will be kicked out of the house in the most humane fashion possible. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow.
  14. CanDLinkZz


    they/them, though I don't mind if you call me 'girl' or 'boy'.
  15. Props to whoever in Seri's comments literally named me. And this Nicheling.
  16. News, everyone. It’s still not a screenshot, but it’s an image.
  17. It seems to be an uneventful day. Orniekis is chilling in the nest and facing inland, Joeseki is frolicking in the flowers. The former is snacking on her berries when she feels someone looking at her. She squints at the grass. There's an orange blob out there. It approaches her slowly. She waits, deciding that at the first sign of hostility, she'll bolt onto the beach. When the blob emerges from the grass, it reveals itself to be another Nicheling. He has curvd grey horns and brown spots, both of which reminding her very much of her friend under the tree. He seems to be quite a bit older than herself, but not even close to the age of Pridukven. "Hello!" The orange blob seems quite excited at the prospect of other life. Perhaps he's been alone for quite some time, like herself. "My name is Ginger." Orniekis is half tempted to isregard Orange Blob's name in favour of continuing to use her nickname for him, but she figures that night be rude. "Hello, Ginger. My name is Orniekis. Where did you-" She had intended to ask where Orange Blob came from in hopes of finding something interesting - destination, or more creatures like themselves, perhaps - but she's interrupte by her friend who was once frolicking in the flowers under the tree. "Who are you talking to?" Joeseki skids to a stop next to her. He and Ginger stare at each other for a long moment. And another moment. And a moment more. At this point, it looks as though they're staring directly into each other's souls. Then Joeseki blinks, and the world unfreezes. "Brother! "Brother!" The two rush toward each other and collide, falling into a heap on the grass. Joeseki ends up on top, batting at the head of Orange Blob beneath him. "Where did you go? Where did you come from? What happened to you? Why--" Joeseki fires off questions before Orniekis can even comprehend them. Orange Blob just laughs and lets him continue, until he realises that there's a very awkward third person watching the interaction and not quite knowing what to do with herself. "Okay, that's enough." He easily rolls himself onto his feet leaving Joeseki to flop to the ground. He blinks for a moment before standing to join his brother. "How did you find us out here, brother?" "Well, I met a strange wandering Nicheling in search of something that she never could quite iterate. She told me that she had seen two young people wandering out here in the grass alone, so I followed her directions and they lead me here." Now Orniekis blinks. Someone had seen them? And she hadn't gotten to meet them?? Now she's just sad. The two brothers catch up, and she gathers as much as she can about the both of them. Ginger and Joeseki are 40 months apart. Their names were chosen by two people who didn't exactly have the same perspective of the world, and so they went their separate ways, taking one of their sons each. This just makes Orniekis even more curious about where she came from. She supposes, though, that it doesn't matter much anymore.
  18. It's a couple days of travelling more when they reach one of those nut trees. It's on the edge of an island and casting a shadow over a lovely field of flowers, and not too far away, there's a nest and a berry bush. "This is perfect!" Joeseki rushes toward the tree, but before he can reach it, he's startled away by a rustle in the bushes. Of course, Orniekis doesn't have the best noses in the world, and it's just started raining again so Joeseki can't smell the thing, either. The grass in their way isn't helping, either. When the rustling doesn't continue, Joeseki takes another tentative step. All of a sudden, a flash of white is darting out of the grass and around his legs. Orniekis leaps back from behind him. "What in the heck is that!?" "IT'S ATTACKING ME!" Joeseki frantically flaily his legs in attempts to get the creature away from him. The white thing runs toward Orniekis, and she catches it as it tries to pass by, holding it up in her paw. She examines the thing for a moment. It's small, fluffy, and kind of cute. Those little black eyes make her feel a little bad for hurting it. Not enough for her to let it go, though. But then she looks down at the dangling apendage attached to the thing's rear. Long, skinny, and so very unnatural. "Eugh." She drops the thing and glances at Joeseki to see him cringing in more disgust than she is. "You can do whatever you want with that. I'm having acorns for dinner." And so, Joeseki rushes to the tree as he intended, and Orniekis takes a bite of the rabbit, It's not bad. Quite good, even, if she makes it a point to ignore the long, unnatural tail. Her first ever taste of meat. At least, as far as she remembers. They eat together, completely oblivious of a presence lurking in the grass.
  19. So I have a setup not. I have my mother's laptop on my left, my sister's laptop in front of me, and an iPad on my right to listen to and watch things so that I don't get fidgety. Also, funny little thing. Orniekis has become my real name, no joke. Sooo, what I'm saying is, I can continue this playthrough really easily now.
  20. So funny thing; somehow this generator has also become my STEAM assessment. This is so fun. I forgot how fun block coding is. I'm having so much fun. All the fun.
  21. might hop on scratch for the first time in fifty years to make a generator with all the events because i have nothing better to do and i want to take a break from drawing this is the third time i've attempted to post this reply because school internet ain't heck. let's hope it works this time
  22. Funny story. Last year, we had an assignment in art. We were to pick an image of an animal, trace the outlines, and fill in the details. This art class was on a rotation with a lot of other art and technology subjects, meaning all of the people in this class did not choose to be there. With that knowledge, our teacher gave us almost seven weeks to finish the project, but I, passionate about drawing as I am, finished it in under three. she didnt know what to do with me after that so i spent my time doing tiny details for the friends of mine who couldn't e bothered and doing other random jobs in the art room, which included painting two dozen boards plain white for the high school arts to use. That was actually really fun.
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