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  1. I should try drawing some of my nightmares sometime. That would make for some pretty cool art, now that I think about it.
  2. The thought that aliens would all have 'male' and 'female' is kinda strange. Like sure okay reproduction but like they don't have to be just male and female, right? I can't remember where it came from, maybe a book or something, but it was a sci-fi something or other and one of the alien races was based on the gender 'Faesari', where all of them are feminine presenting (by our standards) but they're all genderless or something.
  3. i love how ignoring the snouts and stuff and only looking at the little circle for the head makes it look so derp they kinda look like frogs especially the elephant one it's adorable
  4. Now that it's break and I've finished that little goodbye gift for my friend, I have quite a bit of time on my hands. Drawing! : p
  5. but now that ive thought about doing this at all, i wanna do it. so.
  6. I just counted. If I were to do all of them, I would be doing fifteen drawings .
  7. Now that I think about it, I'm gonna redo most of these. hm.
  8. Not very proud of these, think Imma redo them when I'm finished with everyone else's.
  9. Hm. Me, still questioning myself "Do I use non-binary.... demigender? hmmmm...." How 'bout I do one of each, then? Because why not?
  10. yeah, uhm. might take me ages to do some of these, but I'll try. Thank you for your uh what do you call those request? submissions?
  11. Me, questioning myself "Do I use bi... omni... lesbian...?"
  12. lkjdhflkjglkdjfhlkgjh I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THIS THING IN AGES BUT YEAH SURE THAT DOGGO IS ADORABLE I just have to finish some things first. =^w^=
  13. I don't really have the attention span to stick to one game for very long. I keep the save file though, because I like going back to them and playing them later. I like restarting story mode over and over again just to see how far I get before I lose interest in my Nichelings. I like roleplaying, but I always get stressed out when I try to do things like not have a Nicheling kill a rabbit because they wouldn't do that in universe. I focus more on the strategy aspect. (That's why I like Fire Emblem and Pokemon) I don't consciously decide that I'm not going to use the mutation menu, but it's just something that sorta happens. I just forget that it exists. I also use the hearing and smelling mechanic a lot more than other people I've seen, and sometimes I go for a few in-game days without switching out of it. I like to have my Nichelings keep moving. In story mode, I'll always have them moving, leaving a trail of cleared grass and empty bushes behind them. In sandbox mode, I might have them do the same thing, or I'll settle a few of them down and have the others go out and create pathways for the others to follow.
  14. "See all 1 badge" I am entertained.
  15. quite the shnoz ya got there, 'left' adam
  16. OHOHOH I have another one! "Hey! You wanna dance?" Person says yes. "Okay! Go dance so I can talk to your pretty friend."
  17. "You're adorable to an extent that should be illegal, because I swear I'll break the law for you if I have to. " "Your personality is sweeter than a Bounsweet and that should be impossible." (Bounsweet is described as 'too sweet for a human to eat')
  18. this sentence Since Niche became my favourite game, hexagons have also become one of my favourite shapes. They make me happy.
  19. *exists in the brightest and darkest corners of the room all at once*
  20. it is so cute. I just-- i love the I love it. Yes. Thank you.
  21. imagine trying to speedrun niche
  22. Get a friend to yeet a random book out their window. Read it. Might find something interesting. Year before last year (2019) i'd always take a quick glance at my friend's desk to see if she had any new books. If she did, i'd go up and read the blurb. Sometimes she let me borrow them (if she had something else to read for the rest of the day). That's how I found my favourite books. Let people on the forums give you their nichelings or characters to draw. Pretty cool things come out of asking people for things to draw. Draw a scene from your favourite book or redesign the cover. Works especially well with Warriors and Wings of Fire books, in my opinion. Grab an old Pokemon game, fill out your pokedex and get to work on making them all level 100. Make your own region of Pokemon. Make up a story about how your person got to Alola from Kalos or whatever. Why they're there. Why they're travelling. In fact, that might be something I share someday. Download a rhythm game. cyTus 2 is my personal favourite. Will keep you occupied for ages trying to get your fingers to cooperate. I'm lucly I learned quickly. Like, really lucky. Helps with a bunch of other things, too. Made me much better at typing and is making piano a ton of a lot easier to learn. Play an old game you found on a shelf. That's something me and my sister are doing and we're getting a kick out of it. Nintendogs and Catz and the My Sims games on the Wii. Even Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 are still enjoyable, mostly because they were made for kids around my age and not the age we played them before because we were way too young and those games are Scary with a capital S. For kids. Not for me. I find horror amusing. That's all I have for now. Go enjoy yourself.
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