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  1. Bean called Ora

    and I wanna make people happy with draw.ย 


    They have lil gems and blue feathers hanging from their antlers. Smol quiet bean. Quirky but sweet. Way too observant for their own good, but loves it that way. Would totally love blueberries if they existed in this world. And honey, too. You'll probably find them staring off into space (which usually happens to be someone's face, but let's ignore that fact for their sake)

    not going to lie i might just draw everyone's nichelings alongside the main one hope you dont mind i have too much free time and also i wanna make people happy.ย 

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  2. I'm bored. Everyone at school today went to big splash and my best frend didnt bother coming to school and all my other friends are at big splash and im bored and we were told that we're spending the entire day in this one room and im bored and my devices are almost out of battery did i mention that im bored?

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Applesauce said:

    I think math is easy at its core. It just the effort part Iโ€™m notย comfortable with.ย 

    100% relate.

    Although, I've missed way too much with being sick. Flip this stupid weather and my asthma and hay fever.ย 

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