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  1. Lesson learned. ALSO IM GONNA BE BACK ON THE REALM (andmynicheplaythrough) IN A WHILE THE LAPTOP WAS FIXED HAHA
  2. perfect. this is perfect. mwehehehehehe Now i can go through with my original idea!
  3. Now that you're back, we can all hang out again! : D
  4. Glad you could make it, friend. Hope you brought pizza! =^w^=
  5. Anyone awake and willing to play?
  6. Also because your Nichelings can somehow fly with one bat wing and one normal wing,,, that's happened to way too many of my nichelings and im like ehhhh
  7. Asked a friend to 'wish me luck even though I have no faith in myself', and she did ;-; I really expected her to continue her little trend of wishing bad luck instead of good luck, but she didn't. I mean on one hand I am way too happy right now and on the other our little inside joke is ruined but whatever XD And then she started gushing over my art and now i am officially ded. plz send halp
  8. you still playing or are you done bc im bored and have nothing to do with my life at the moment thats a lie i have pokemon games to play and stories to write but like playing with you is fun
  9. D : why server gotta do that just as i get back...
  10. anyone wanna hang out in space without arms?
  11. this exists. i forgot. 2186.
  12. we not allowed to go out and i big sad, halloween is the best thing in this world besides my frends
  13. one of favourite games. uyes.
  14. CanDLinkZz

    pixel gif ychs

    i wish i could use screenshots ;-;
  15. Spottedpuff, Patchsun, Ravenstep-- i love these names
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