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  1. I'm vibin, anyone wanna come feel like trash with me? Float in space? Listen to ghost tunes?
  2. why am i a candle... XD i guess my name is a bit unclear pfft-- candle XD
  3. My birthday! :D

    1. gamingcookie


      eyy 1 week before mine!!

      also happy birthtday : )

    2. SilverHowl


      @CanDLinkZz Happy Birthday!!! ❤️❤️ 🙀🥳

    3. CanDLinkZz


      Thank yous =^w^=

  4. 100% relate. Although, I've missed way too much with being sick. Flip this stupid weather and my asthma and hay fever.
  5. Started rewatching his Broken Age series just yesterday because it magically popped into my recommended.
  6. That's been happening to me for the past few days bc of asthma and hay fever. Not quite to the extent of nausea though.
  7. Probably not done but it’s the twelfth and I don’t wanna panic later.
  8. Ill tell you when next round starts?
  9. this do be a strange lobby.
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