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  1. do you mean the age with two gems or one gem? -w- cause if your talking about 2 gems then i called them teens in the challenge
  2. yall i havent posted in a year- anyways to start have 25 nesting material, as much food as you see fit, and 2 nicheling babies stay babies for 5 days. teens stay teens for 6 days (adults stay adults for the regularly set time i guess?)start in the savanna! appearance wise go for more beige like colors and stripes if you want but thats not a requirement! you can only eat meat and termites, no berries nuts or clams! the mothers must stay with their young until their teens and the pack will stay in one group, with one nicheling circling them as a scout! if they see any threat they must run into t
  3. ok so i havent posted in a while but whatever- Starting : start with 8 nichelings (make sure theres a few cubs)then split them into two seprate groups with four nichelings each!(you will see why soon) you can start with as much food or nesting materials as you would like! Appearance: Go for cool colors like grays greys and blacks!this challenge is based on spotted hyenas so if you want you can add spots! The rules : Females are more mean as in they will jump into fights more than males, when a male grows up they are forced to go to the other group!when they get there they can only breed a few
  4. i didn't know cheats were a thing XD
  5. Okay so...i know that there's probably another one of these existing somewhere!But i'm doing this for fun soo lets get to it!Rules: Only one-two males in the pride at once.Must start on the burning savanna and aim to stay on warm or hot islands.If rogue males appear they must be killed invited or become the only male in the tribe (i suggest rolling a dice to decide).You can only eat meat.In terms of aesthetics you can choose but to get a more realistic look you should go for beige's brown's and red's.If a male cub is born then the second you can kick them out you can kick them out or replace t
  6. hello

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      Hello, and welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/

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      I'm probably way toooo into animals to not be a furry.So i have excepted it🤪😓


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      i'm so confused on how to upload- i knew how to do it before but i forgot lol

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