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  1. Please make it so that when a thruster is destroyed, the trail that it was leaving doesn't disappear with it. I noticed this in sumo, where I made a push drone that goes fast enough to shatter the opponent. Already drawn trails would vanish when the sections that made them were destroyed. I do not think this qualifies as a bug, but rather a design choice, so I put it here instead
  2. I could imagine that for a railgun the projectile could have somewhat significant knockback too, since its not just some energy projectile but instead a metal ball or some sort -Sachi
  3. A part that could be toggled on or off to display a tiny health bar under each part of your drone, possibly using contrasting colors to help you see it better when the drone is moving. A red-green bar could be sufficiently visible while small enough to fit under/on each part. This part could also have its main body colored to represent the drone cores health, similar to how the shields change color as they are used. This could also just be made into a feature of the drone core, right next to the self destruct option. Thanks for your consideration, Sachi
  4. Do springs have a maximum stretched length? Is the maximum length affected by the distance between parts in the part builder or is the max length fixed regardless of how far it is placed from its parent block? Can a spring be stretched to the point it breaks, or must the block itself be damaged for it to break? Any fun facts about them? (Im using the weak spring as a tether for fuel supply to a drag racing drone) Thanks, Sachi
  5. Im hoping more for explode than break, honestly. Even if it only does a little damage, its cool enough
  6. I dont know what Zixvir has in mind, but i think making a railgun with blocks that can rematerialize inside enemies and possibly explode would be great. Otherwise, i would just have to experiment with to find more uses, maybe a structural stabilizer if they dont have mass while ghosted? Thanks, Sachi
  7. I just made this because I wanted to show off my current favorite sumo drone and wanted to see some of y'alls favorite drones. Feel free to suggest any changes too! Thanks, Sachi Mobile MK7 (sumo).drn
  8. though I dont mind the current system, where i only use keybinds on things i plan to directly control and tags on everything automatic, I would love an overlay that automatically links gates and parts with labeled strings when one has an output that can trigger anothers input, and an additional ability to directly create and drag a string from one part to another and labeling it could be a great way to input tags on multiple pieces at once while simplifying the logic system for beginners. Also, i wouldn't have to find where i put that ONE logic gate when i'm looking for errors in my programming if it was all strung together. Great Idea!! Thanks, Sachi
  9. im sure there are plenty of super specific situations that can break block a that is not currently being touched, but what i can think of right now is if they are already burning when they are ghosted, or if multiple blocks it is connected to are stretched far apart and the ghost breaks under the tension. sorry for bothering you so much about this post, but i think it could end up as a really cool feature if used and implemented in a good way Thanks, Sachi
  10. will ghost blocks still be affected by temperature? what if a block breaks while ghosted? Thanks, Sachi
  11. welp, from what I remember "position tracker" would sense the block in the middle of the temple, "nearest enemy" did not have any reactions when the snake showed up, and I did not try "danger zone" because I decided to send in a mostly unguided factory ship that would print a shotgun on a engine over and over (suprisingly effective swarm weapon, if very laggy by the time the snake died). But now i have come back to the temple to see if danger zone and enemy detect works, but the nimbatus isnt aligned with the temple entrance, and is instead way above it, to the point that a drone just going straight bumps into the little decoration castle on top of the temple, and i cant find the appdata folder under my user profile to send you the game state, so heres pics
  12. Yeah, would probably be annoying to use regularly like any other weapon, in combat it could basically only be used as a retreating weapon to cut off enemies you can't outrun, but that is still probably better than its current use of lifting terrain and being a lower damage weapon (which it could still do if the particle dies against existing terrain). I think the main value would be in cool art and possible neat physics tricks if liquids and such ever get added into the game (besides the expanding magma core) If the engine can handle water physics. Also if ever implemented, I would assume it would be best if the terrain created had a minimum possible size, so that your drone doesn't get caught on invisible specks. Could also be cool if Nimbatus ever gets a local controlled multiplayer. Thanks, Sachi
  13. It would be quite exciting if bio weapons built terrain wherever the particle died (or where the laser ends), rather than just when it makes contact with existing terrain. You could then use the various weapons to create walls and such and the rendered wall would be somewhat different for each weapon type. The flamethrower weapon would likely result in a thick but very pocketed wall while a laser would result in a thin and precise wall at its tip, grenade launchers and rocket launchers would probably result in a mass similar to how those purple fungi do when destroyed and the blast radius (and potentially damage) would change how dense and large the resultant mass is. the guns would make little spots of the weakest terrain, which could hinder enemies coming at you and slow opposing drones (if a controlled co-op with friends mode ever gets made). This would also encourage the creation of enemies that can burrow through terrain to attack you, which could be a cool ambush and chase mechanic. Thanks, Sachi
  14. In the ancient jungle temple, the snake cannot be detected by directional sensors or vtol thrusters, it is not detected by nearest enemy and the mission objective does not exist in the ruin to be detected either. I have not tried the danger zone detection of the proximity sensor yet, and will update this if it does show up on it, but i doubt it would. Please make this an enemy I an capable of fighting on programmer mode. Thanks, Sachi
  15. Thank you, all I can imagine to do is to have the core fly around randomly and quickly while continuously printing factories that print factories that print small random flying combat drones, and hope to get lucky. I have not tested if the proximity sensors danger zone setting works on big snake, but seems like it would not from my experience so far, and the vtol thrusters will not detect the snake as an enemy or objective either. Do the door(s?) open back up after the fight? does it drop any resources or do you only get the mission reward? are there any extra rooms to hit or is mission completed the moment snake dies? Thank you, Sachi
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