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  1. Name: Atlas Gender/Pronouns: Male Picture/Looks: A small brown male with jet black ram horns and spikes down his back, born blind with perfectly circular black spots. Tribe: I have no idea what tribe to be in so just put me in a random one? Other: well.. nothing to add here
  2. this looks cool, I think I'll join once its done. will be a nice break from my endless tries of the FLIES challenge been killing poor helpless flies for a while now trying to get a success, since I have no motivation to do anything else
  3. not going to be playing niche for a while, i'll continue this eventually probably i just lose motivation so fast..
  4. also this child has NO RIGHT BEING THIS PRETTY
  5. we ran, like cowards it killed a baby
  6. taking a quick break from this
  7. bearyena baby because why not
  8. twins again! mom left to hunt rabbit and left big brother in charge
  9. not today boi, also we got a bearyena pet now
  10. twins! dad also got bonked on the head by a coconut
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