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  1. uh- i just accidentally deleted the save file-
  2. Day 6: all founders die. bright purple fly is born.
  3. Day 5: even more babies. twins.
  4. Day 4: more babies
  5. Day 3: babies are born.
  6. Day 2: we find a nest and put a pregnant female in it. we make nests with the other females. (forgot to take screenshot)
  7. Day 1: we arrive. we pick the berries.
  8. let us see how long this takes.
  9. It's pronounced el-ee. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Should I keep doing this? I'll stop if nobody likes it. (react with Like if you like it, Eek if you don't.)
  11. Rosea settles down in her nest she just prepared for the night. Curse that rouge. ========================================================= When Rosea woke up in the morning, there was a child curled up beside her in the nest. She looked so alarmingly like her cousin she jumped and woke her up. 'I guess I'll name you Oak.' (Oak blinked as soon as i took the screenshot and it looks like she's evil)
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