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  1. yup you got them all right also i accidentally deleted my save file and sandbox settings thinking it was something else
  2. Yeah this topic has already been posted like literally 1 million times but whatever The murderer and detective for each round will be randomly selected via my trusty random generator! The murderer may not tell anyone at all who they are. If the detective dies a new one will randomly be selected. Each night someone might get killed. If a murder happens and there are only about 4 people left not including the detective everyone may guess once who is the murderer. The murderer can lie but may accuse someone else. The detective can kill whoever they suspect is the murderer but if they do and they are innocent, someone else will be the detective and the person who shot them will be killed overnight. A day ends when everyone has done something. If a murder happens there might be a witness (i will roll my random generator) the murderer may bribe the witness but if they do, there is a higher chance that the detective will find out who the murderer is. (via telepathy/messaging i shall tell le detective...) NPCS: Eli Sweet, kind and caring. Maybe a little too nice... Only NPC that can be the murderer. Her fingers could pick up and swing around a knife with such grace... If only she wasn't so nice and caring i could suspect her for murder... Eostix My useless little boi Shy, quiet, silky white eyes stare up at the moon. His feet, they glide so gracefully across the ground as if he could actually see. Never speaks, Never talks. He hides a dark secret inside the empty shell that is his existence. Kinko Cheerful boi Brightest smile, brighter than the sun. His heart, he fits everyone he knows in it. His paws, he embraces all he knows and loves with them. Dark secrets, held back by his cheerful personality. Players: 1 Jest Fierce but a big softie when it comes to women. He never gets to interact with them, and gets in trouble for doing so. 2 Everest Mute from his throat being burned as a child. It was punishment for causing the deaths of children. Awarded the name "Timber" for the method of death. 3 Board She tried to burn a child that she blamed for the death of her own children. She very quickly holds grudges and is very good at playing the good guy. 4 5 6 7 8 Include a bio, for example, His/Her heart broken by the deep. Swept away by the tides as he/she was born. The ocean mended into his/her heart. He/She lost his vision, as he/she would not need to see at the deepest depths. Maybe they are blind and they were born in the ocean and there was lots of tide and they got swept away. Maybe the deepest depths means that they were on the brink of death. Who knows?
  3. try to guess what they are from left to right
  4. image of the little guy. i recreated him. He already died to a killer bearyena after i screenshotted.
  5. I once did. only once. it was a cute little short snouted baby with spiky body, beige fur, blue eyes... IM A HORRIBLE PERSON... he didn't even have any bad genes nor was i in a bad mood.
  6. IT IS A LIE!!!! she kinda pretty tho
  7. i know this was posted a long time ago but my file is zipped and it doesn't let me play it for some reason because something i didn't even download expired.
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