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  1. You cant just make a meme with a nicheling name and expect people to understand it. Me:
  2. I know this probably isn't relative anymore but... that's probably what the mom said after it was born
  3. They scratched at their ear. They wondered how they got here. But they didn't really care. They would stare at what they presumably thought was the sky. They chuckled. They would start biting their paw. They felt the need for something... They didn't know what they wanted, but they knew they wanted it.
  4. They suddenly started ramming their head into a nearby tree.
  5. They kept hearing calls in the distance, but they only thought it was the voices in their head.
  6. They scraped their claws over their face as they laughed. They were laughing so loud they could hear it echoing in their head. Or was it just them going absolutely crazy?
  7. They continued softly humming before randomly stopping. They started laughing maniacally again.
  8. They walked around in circles. Their eye twitched. They started walking towards... something? They started humming to their footsteps.
  9. They looked at their paws. They looked around and started laughing maniacally. They dug their claws into the ground. "Who am i? What am i? I don't care... Or do i?" They shook their head. "I really don't care? Yeah... ill say that." They continued to laugh maniacally.
  10. Newly forgotten (sorry for the horrible drawing) - Appears to have frostbite - Losing their mind - Might have sudden mood changes
  11. a bit of a mean assumption
  12. try searching accurate name (no capitals)
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