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  1. Day Three Marville stared down at the antlered cub, before turning to look at Squirrel. Squirrel stared at the cub, a small smile on his face as he turned to his mate. “I’ll just call her Daughter. Simple enough of a name.” His mate, Eista, raised a brow before looking down at the cub. “Daughter? Well, alright. If you can’t think of anything better. Though King’s Daughter has a better air to it.” “True. King’s Daughter it is.” “Does it not occur to you two that that’s not a normal cub’s name?” The two glared over at Marville, who shrunk back. “You do not question King Squirrel’s choices, and if I hear one more peep out of your mouth I’ll feed you to the bearyenas. Now go teach King’s Daughter about berries or something useful, get her out of my sight.” Marville nodded, approaching the cub and nudging them away as they stumbled aimlessly.
  2. Well you two are certainly the story type. I can adjust to the new rule, but I can't say I didn't have anything planned. (And can't say I didn't go through with it)
  3. Day One Kati had been giving orders left and right, doing everything he could to keep the three nichelings busy. It was starting to get a bit boring, just watching the three do whatever he said, so he decided it should be okay to try and provoke one of them. The duck-beaked nicheling brought his head down, level with the female next to him who had been staring intently into the water. “Hey.” The female, Marie, lifted her gaze, looking forward in thought before turning to meet the gaze of Kati. “Yes, your honour?” Kati grew a bit upset at the title, but shook it off quickly before getting back to his mission. “Why are you so useless?” .. “What?” Marie sat up, staring uneasily back at the male. The other two looked over, Kati beginning to glare. “You have too many webs to do anything good. Not to mention one of your paws isn’t even a paw, it’s just a nub.” He quacked in disgust. “And those fins, don’t even get me started.” Marie didn’t seem mad, but rather, just upset. “I’m glad you can speak your mind so openly, your honour.” She muttered before turning to look back out at the water. The other two males silently stared before going back to picking at the bush beside them.
  4. The nine nichelings had made it to the new island, the lot of them looking back to see the rocks crumbling. Squirrel frowned at the amount of webs in his new tribe, before turning to Tuk Tuk and Kati, the derp-snout and duck-beaked nichelings beside him. “Can you believe what we’re dealing with? Half of ‘em have those fin paws! How are they even going to walk?” Kati lifted his head from his deep thought, flicking his ear before responding. “I can deal with them, your majesty. Go catch a break, I’m sure the trip has you exhausted.” Kati had a monotone voice, one that almost seemed to mock every word he said. Tuk Tuk looked over to them, tilting his head. Was Kati sure about this? If anything went wrong, they could lose one of their most valuable members. Squirrel sized Kati up, giving a confused look. “How’s a scrawny little thing like you going to handle them? Are you gonna scare them away by, what, quacking at them?” His confusion grew into a smile as he spoke, and eventually led to a small fit of laughter. Kati glared at the king, raising his head a little. “If you aren’t careful, king, you may end up biting your words. The two stared at each other for a few moments of silence, Tuk Tuk beginning to wave a paw to try and get their attention. Squirrel then huffed and looked away. This was probably the only nicheling that could get away with a threat towards someone like him. “Whatever, but everyone else has to come with me. I don’t want to be alone.” “Okay. Bye.” Kati waved a paw dismissively. Squirrel growled and turned towards the other nichelings. “Follow me, peasants!” He yelled before diving forward into the shallow water. Maybe diving into the shallow area isn’t the most pleasant thing to do.
  5. That's,, actually something that seems really fun to implement ishdidgf
  6. If that is all for now, I may get started on making the save. If you have any last second add-ons, please state them (probably within the next ten minutes if that's okay?) while I'm making the save. (I usually take a little bit to make a save because I like personalizing the nichelings.)
  7. JUST SO EVERYBODY KNOWS, This'll be a playthrough where you can add a rule when you see fit. It doesn't just have to be before it starts. : ) You can also have small rules aimed at a specific character as long as they aren't too limiting to their personality. Such as; "Squirrel has to have double bird beak passed on if mutations are not already chosen", "Bread's child has to be named Spider Bread in Muffet's honour", "That one has to be in a love triangle (given if character does not already have a love interest)"
  8. All current rules are accepted (If I react with thumbs up that means I'm good with it and going to most likely implement it) Though if anybody would like, I'd be up for some more rules involving what the beginners need to be like, so I have an idea for what I'm going to have to apply when I start the save!^^
  9. I agree whole-heartedly. Those webbed paws are a nuisance /lh
  10. Hmm.. I could comprimise and have all derp snouts either have "tuk" somewhere in their names or be a jr of sorts, though naming them all tuk tuk seems a bit too limiting of names for me^^ (Expecially if it's randomized and I won't know how many derp snouts I get)
  11. I shall give about an hour or two for ideas relating to how we will begin to flow in, and if there's no suggestions I shall start on my own terms.
  12. Nichelings, but to your whims. They may not know, or they may, but they're here to serve your ruling. You can throw in random rules and goals into the mix, and those will be highly considered. (As in for the most part I'm going to try to include everything if I can.) Have fun with whatever you say, you can make it weird and cute and quirky, or be super serious, risky, or randomized. The only rules I won't allow are limiting me to names. Yes, you can say I have to name a future child something, but you can't say I can only use specific names. Sorry, I love being free with names- And I wouldn't mind some of your names in there.
  13. Actually, Cloud is one of the ones with more bendable will^^ There's Clo/Cloud, Clou/Cloud, and Cloud/Cloudself, the last one of which you would be talking about. (Sorry for being all picky on what pronouns you're using to represent- I just actually looked up cloud pronouns at some point to make sure I was comfy with them dsjfg)
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