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  1. I can't exactly allow the sex changing feature because it seems a bit OP, but everything else is fine!
  2. Everest "Timber" He's the one I probably used the most in TAS, and I think about him the most besides Almond. Almond is pretty up there too, but Everest meant a lot when I was going through shizz
  3. I can try? Pretty much, the world isn't how it's normally supposed to be. It's strangely dark, ominous, and creepy. There's nichelings all around on different islands effected by it, and each of the islands has a certain key creature you will meet. I can't say who is or why they're a key character without spoils, but you're trying to figure out how to bring balance back to the world.
  4. If everyone votes so, yes it can be on discord, though if not it'll be through private messaging here on the forums
  5. By signing up for this roleplay, you are saying that you will be okay with subjects of gore/body horror. It may not be a constant occurrence, but I never know who decides what will happen. __________________________________________________________ You will unite us. You will come before us. You will bring us peace, in return for your greatest desire. Come bring us what we seek, And speak to us what we speak, And soon you will find, You're spending all your time, Lost in your mind. Yooo- Just gimme a pic and info for your character and I'll add 'em. As long as you have enough info (name, gender + pronouns, appearance, personality, etc) you'll be good. They have to be nichelings- no other random creatures (unless obtained on the way (you'd have to run it by me first)) This'll be a DMs roleplay!!! This is just the applications
  6. Should I make a niche roleplay? I'm hoping to be more active like I used to be, and I love roleplay, so yeah.
  7. Say in thread. (Though I have one more cheat command allowed to use in dire circumstances since you never specified cheats can't be used, and Coco gave me a two chances rule^^) At the current moment, five, though that's not because of the food issue. And my food's down near the 20's because of Coco's rule (used once)
  8. Voting has been implemented. Don't like a rule? Vote to have it removed! If it reaches 8 votes, and passes by me, it may be removed. This isn't to be used 24/7! If you added the rule and think I'm not able to handle it, you may ask do have your vote count decreased down to 5 needed.
  9. Day Ten The tribe had been in a state of panic for the past few days. The shores had been littered, the bodies of Squirrel, Marie’s first son (?), Marie, The River’s Bend, Pinky, and Ekmar being found upon them. It seemed the nichelings had been washed up, after struggling to something. Perhaps seaweed. Yeah, that was probably just it. King’s Daughter awoke in a nest, immediately shoving the baby below her away before sprinting off. She didn’t want to be known for going against her father’s rules- she should have been near a tree. She had destroyed the nest she was in before leaving, as to try and remove any trace of herself from where the baby had been. Reindeer awoke to a mewing cub beside her. She turned her head to the sound, and upon seeing the cub, immediately went to curl around it and provide warmth.
  10. Best roleplay/story vote goes to @Katumai
  11. Day Six After going on a mission to prove her worth, (which ended in algae stuck between her teeth,) Marie had been sleeping curled up next to what was assumed to be her first cub. Brightmar let out the occasional mew, chewing on her own paw despite the male’s desperate attempts to get her to stop.
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