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  1. First things first, would anybody like to see returning characters, or would y'all rather have new characters?
  2. I am,, very unreliable with playthroughs, BUT !! I'm getting a lot healthier and trying to get on schedules for things, so hopefully I can start posting daily again This is a playthrough where I plan to feature any and all art made, and will give out info to those who want to do art for upcoming chapters. >:) This is simply to help get people's recognitions up!! And because I think promoting art is fun. When asking to do art for this, or submitting art, please do it in DMs! (Direct Messages), so it doesn't get lost! And, that way, if you link your socials I can share them below the art piece as well!! I will also be trying to make art for this series, since art is fun This will also be a playthrough where you can openly ask for changes or things to happen! I'm hoping to listen to any and all feedback, as well as throw in any twists people have in mind. For this, you're also allowed to DM me! In case you don't want your idea to be public until release So!! With that all said, I am hoping niche will work on my current computer. (My good one has to wait for a new motherboard.)
  3. Hyperfixating on My Little Pony, if anybody has headcanons throw them this way >:)
  4. Just another homethread,, I might post here occasionally.
  5. Name: Elke "Fawn" Gender: They/He/She (Transgender - Female to Non-Binary) Age: Two Gems (About 4 days away from third) Appearance: Screenshot Personality: Elke is a modest, articulated young soul. She has a love of nature, and she can stay calm through most scenarios. Though, she can be seen as rude or cold, blunt, and over-bearing. She can also be very judgemental, shunning anything she doesn't see as 'normal'. History: Can reveal in DMs, if you'd like. Other: In my little niche worlds, she's considered a demi-goddess, though, in others I tend to make that VERY optional. Like in this one! She probably wouldn't be because that's probably OP. (She was the demi-goddess of Nature, taking after Forest's skills. (Helping to grow plants, and speaking to animals.) Discord Username: PA_Cloudscape#0520
  6. Her happiness immediately faltered, nervousness creeping in. Was this a stranger-danger time? No... He seemed friendly! Surely he couldn't be a danger! He was protecting her, too! Though, she still shook her head. "No thanks! I have mama!"
  7. At that, the female- Bahtt -smiled and gave you an actual hug. "Of course, new friend!" She sing-songed, before shivering when the bird cawed again. The yellow male scoffed as the red male waved up excitedly at the birds. What island even was this?
  8. You would turn your head to see two other cubs look over. Both fish-bodied, though one with red fur and a deformed snout, while the other had a big nose and yellow fur. The red male was excited, while the other gave a disappointed glare. "They're awake! Awake I tell you!" The bat-faced, pink female continued to call out. The yellow male snarled, shutting her right up. "We can see, Bahtt." He then cleared his throat, glaring back at the bearyena in the 'room'. Well, not literally. An adult.. with a bunch of cubs. On an island unfamiliar.. The caw of a bluebird sounded out, and before you could blink, all the cubs were by your side.
  9. Rajah would awake, an unfamiliar face upside-down in front of them. "Ooh! Hey, they woke up!" The small, probably a cub-nicheling called out. The fact they were talking to someone might prompt you to look around... Though then again, do you really want to with that pain in your noggin?
  10. Yeye! Apologies, I'm really sick at the moment- either Flu or Covid
  11. Might there be an image for them? If not that's totally okay! Just wondering! (But otherwise approved )
  12. Reader Pre-Warning Message; This thread will be subject to dark themes, gore, and potentially uncomfortable topics. (I.E Bugs, Rotting Flesh, Creepy Crawlies, Head Imagery. Et cetera.) Please continue at your own pace. Do not rush to read if you are uncomfortable with these topics. There's plenty of other playthroughs for you. With that said, if you continue to read, and find that it bothers you, please stop. This playthrough is to delve into new characters, and build their world of rotting. This is not made specifically for viewing.
  13. Yes, I am continuing this, it's called ✨trying not to burn myself out ✨
  14. Once we have some people, I'll give a starter so people can start roleplaying! And if people are interested but don't have a character, you can DM me and I'll sort somethin' out with you!
  15. (Oh! Just a note; Katumai is also allowed to accept characters, add to plot, and play NPCs, et cetera as they please. I gave them full permission in advance to help out if they wanted. : ) )
  16. Were you not wanted? Did you, perhaps, experience some negative feelings during your childhood? Oh, pardon, of course you have. we all become angsty teens sooner or later, do we not? Did you give, and get taken from? Did you ever get return for your goodness? Of course not. You've always been there for other's benefit. Though, not to worry, my children. I'm here. Mother Asonia, And I will guide you through the lands of Apothe. _________ Yoooo!! New roleplay because the art one is gonna be hard to commit to. Just comment your character below with some info about them. > : ) I'll let you know if they're accepted or not- And just make sure to use "these" around your speech? That's really my only request as far as actually roleplaying. (Other than basics, like don't be OP and no metagaming) But this roleplay is meant to start mostly mysterious,, I'll make a group DM with those who join and occasionally lore dump if I'm feeling nice : ) (You'll also get behind-the-scenes there ❤️ )
  17. Cherry, as the last child on this island, would of course bring with bright fur, likely carried from her mother. Elm had been picking on her younger sister, Acacia, as Acacia tried to get as close to Eve as she could. “Elm, stop! I don’t want to play!” She barked, which only made Elm more aggressive. Elm pushed her sister’s head down as she tried to rush by, stopping her from getting close. “You stop! Mom’s watchin’ the baby, leave her alone!” Though, their father quickly stepped in to scold them. “Hey, no fights! You’ll bring us strife if pain greets you.” His words only seemed to confuse the two, but it was enough to get them to stop.
  18. Eve looked away this time, as Elm peered over her at the new cub. Elm looked up to Adam as he grew to speak. “Acacia. Acacia tree.” He said, before tossing a berry for the cub to eat. Acacia ate it right up before yawning and retreating her face into her mother’s fur. Elm was confused. Why did this new baby not look at her? “Hey! Acacia, look! I’m a bird!” Elm let out a loud caw, which snagged the attention of her father, who scowled. “Quiet, as the birds might mistake you for their young.”
  19. The next morning, the two welcomed a large young cub. Adam just stared at the cub while Eve was busy cleaning them. “Elm.” “Hm?” Eve lifted her soft gaze up to Adam, joy obvious on her face as she gave a big smile. He was a little caught off guard by how happy she was- It was just a female cub. Nevertheless, he put his mind back on it’s tracks. “Elm tree. That’s who she’ll be.” “But, what about what I wanted to name her?” Eve’s expression grew a tinge of sadness, spoiling her gleeful smile and twinkle-filled eyes. “That matters little. Her name is Elm.” Why is she so sad now?
  20. He had arrived late at night, and slept. By dawn’s creeping, he had awoken to the sound of rustling, followed by the sight of light blue fur running at him. He had startled, quickly rising to his paws and letting out a low hiss, though the female quickly halted and backed down. “Apologies!” She pleaded, “I can just hardly keep my excitement bound by me! Oh a sight, a sight you are! Another nicheling to come by, and male, at that!” Adam looked shocked, before clearing his throat and giving a smile. “Well, who do we have here? A mistress so alone, as to come immediately worship my step?” She cracked a wide smile at that, beginning to laugh. “Oh my, speaking weirdly DOES wear off! Wow, you’re so strange already!” “I like that.”
  21. As soon as he felt strength, he rushed into the grasses, stumbling upon some ports, with a large, pointy rock at the end, of which he contributed his claw mark to before beginning to hop the stones. Home, he reminded himself, that’s where he needed to go.
  22. Adam, that’s what he called himself. Adam the great. Adam the powerful! Adam the.. Alone.. He thought, shrinking back into himself, catching glimpse of the bush beside him. He stared at it for a few moments, before clawing at it. He needed food, and he needed frustrations out, so what better thing to do?
  23. Fearful.. Alone. Nobody around, He let out shaky breaths, slowly moving his gaze to look around the area. Still nobody around. He slowly curled up, taking shelter under the nearby bush.
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