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  1. The next day, Dark tumbled out of the nest, and the stranger, Yellow, brought him close to himself. He curled around his new son, glancing back in Toxic’s direction as she sighed. “Night.” She hummed, bringing a paw over the edge of her nest to ruffle the fur on her new son’s head. She then curled up in the nest, leaving only Yellow awake. He stared out into nothingness, wrapping his paws around Dark as he slept soundly. Something seemed.. Off. This tribe, he could sense something bad about it. Like there was something distant looming over them.
  2. Toxic had been calling, the sleeping Bush and eager Berry behind her. Suddenly, Berry yelped, which made Toxic turn around to see a blind male towering over him. “Stop being so loud, you imbecile! The spies will hear you!” The blind nicheling hissed, grasping Berry by the shoulders. Bush stirred as Toxic began to yell down at the stranger. “Hey, get off of him you big ol’ meanie!” She yelled as she swiped a claw, only to be met by the stranger’s claw holding it still. “Hey, let go!” “Shut up, shut up, shut up! Shush! If they hear you they’ll be on our tail so fast we wouldn’t have had one in the first place!” He growled. He then took a deep breath, letting go and swiping his claw through his mane. “Look, you’re feminine so I’ll explain this in an easier way.” He patted around the ground, picking up a twig and pointing it in her direction. “Spies, they’re in the grass, everywhere. They’re following us ‘roguelings’ to hunt us, put our heads on their trees like trophies. They want us rid of, out of their world, gone. They came from the jungles, and they’re joining tribes trying to find us.” He glared downwards, slamming the twig against the ground. “Stupid jungle nichelings. They think any face that looks gross to them is a rogue, even the females. If you ask me, the jungle is a terrible place to be.”
  3. DUDE YOUR TOO GOOD AT THIS 🙏 I wanna write like this so bad but my eyes need colour, and colour makes me unfocus 😭 But I'm very curious for the next chapter! And Nibshubi my beloved < 3 She is precious.
  4. Hmmm.. Maybe keep this writing, and if you do another one make it videos and keep them posted in their own little playthrough post?
  5. Starter prompts finished, being written and used. Other prompts may still be given, but not starter game prompts.
  6. As a viewer, you may choose to interfere with the lives of these nichelings. Throw food their way, make rules to ruin their lives, or make me do something completely outside of the game that only effects me! It's like my old "choose your playthrough" thing- Where you're controlling what I'm doing. I'll give you an hour (up to all night depending on if I sleep or not) to comment with starter prompts. This time, you may make naming rules, as long as it's not naming everyone with the same small term or same name. (You may make me rename children if so pleased.)
  7. “Who are you?” Frozen stared down, eyes locked with an unfamiliar female. The female stared back blankly, eyes unmoving. Her blue eyes seemed to pierce right through him, and he felt like he might be ill if she stared like that for much longer. “Quit that and tell me who you are already!” He hissed, wanting to close his eyes. Though, somehow, it was like they were forced open by her gaze. Moments went by, one heartbeat after another.. Until, A loud sob broke out. “Stop! Stop it!” He cried, and she finally broke the gaze by looking off into the grass. He lifted his large paw, glaring at her as he slammed it back down into the grass. “Who do you even think you are?!” “Root.” Frozen’s eyes widened, and he went back to staring in silence for a few moments. Once he processed it, he seemed to grow even more infuriated. “You could talk this whole time?? So you’ve just been playing a fool of me!” Root shot him a side-glare, which immediately made him back down. She slowly dragged a paw up a blade of grass, flicking it at the top before turning back to him. “You didn’t let me finish.” She snapped, putting a paw under his chin and dragging his head up to eye level. “I am Root, g–” She paused, rolling her eyes before staring back into his. “Princess of the great Emporer Breath.” She let go, sitting back. “I’d rather be called Eye, and you will show respect, even if I have to force it.”
  8. Moss and Bitter stared at Bush, watching as Cold did his best to try and pull her head up from the water. “Ma, the fish are gone! You need to breathe!” Bush opened her mouth and bit at the sand, before yanking her head out of the water. She spat out the mix of sand and water, blowing it as well out of her nose. Bitter looked down to Cold, giving him a confused look. “I guess she listened?” “Ugh.. She’s still learning, don’t worry. One day she’ll have it down!” Cold insisted, looking up to Moss whom glared down into the water. No goldleeches. Cold sighed, looking back up to his mother. “Ma, we should–” But she was already walking away, a big smile on her face.
  9. Bush stared blankly down at Cold, who seemed to be trying to talk to her. He looked so happy, saying nothing to her. Or at least, what was nothing in her ears. He suddenly came to a stop, beaming as he reached a paw out. Bush watched the paw meet her own, then looked back up to her son’s face. He seemed serious, muttering more words she couldn’t hear. Maybe he was looking for comfort? She shouted, even her own words muted. “I LOVE YOU.” He flinched, though smiled, before laying his head on her chest of fluff.
  10. As everyone began moving inwards, Gill stared at the berries beside her. She couldn’t quite remember where her children went. Where was Fin? Cactus? Did they disappear? Who was their father again? She couldn’t quite recall the details but.. All alone, just like her daughter, she slowly curled up into a ball. This would be her last day, though this would not be her last say.
  11. Nut looked down at Pine, her son, lovingly. He did his best to keep walking, though the wind made him shiver and teeter to the side, towards the river. Once he was close enough, Nut picked him up by the scruff, and tried to avoid getting her eyes poked by his horns as she walked along.
  12. Yoooo, would you be upset if I also did the deer herd challenge for a playthrough? It would probably be a lot less writing because I'm not as creative as you, but it seems fun! You make them fun :')
  13. Ice stared down at the two cubs, as Frozen stared at his father’s frozen body. Is this supposed to be funny? He had been lost in thought. Ice brought a paw to his, and he looked up. “Dear, we should go. He would want us to follow the tribe.” She said with a motion of her head. Frozen hissed, turning his back to her as he teared up. “Why aren’t you sad? Didn’t you love him?” He hissed again, glaring back towards her. “I didn’t know him that long.. But that doesn’t mean I hate him. I’m sure he loves you, too.” Ice looked down at the confused cub between her paws before looking back up to Frozen. “But Frost needs her brother, okay? All you need to do is smile. He’ll watch over you if you smile for him.” . . . “Whatever.”
  14. “Why are we over here again?” The male questioned, looking up to the eager face of Toxic. “We’re finding a leech! Look, down in the water! There should be some around!” She peered over the edge of the river, quickly dipping her nose in before yanking her head back. “Brrrip! That’s freezing!” She almost yelled. The male gave a confused look. “What was that noise you just made?” “What noise?” She asked, tilting her head. He stared at her for a few moments before shrugging, gazing down into the water. “Nevermind then, probably my imagination.”
  15. Yoooo I agree with the last one- Me and Kat used to do it all the time (more so Kat), and it's actually really fun being able to go through a story with both the perks and downfalls of a 'power'!
  16. So I'm looking to do both some challenge playthroughs, and new lore playthroughs to find my new pantheon, that will eventually (hopefully) be recognizable as old playthrough nichelings in my future stories > : ) Though, I don't necessarily have to do just that if y'all would like to possibly see something more from me? Even if it includes a certain style of writing or a bunch of cheat-using, I'd like to know what people would like to see out of me! Also, looking for roleplays, and possibly wanting to start my own, so hit me up in DMs if you've been dying for a roleplay but either don't know what to make it about, or need help with details and such. : )
  17. Bush lay her paws over her son’s head as she ‘listened’ in on the conversation the two nichelings beside her were having. “Shadow, you’re not well. I think the cold’s getting to you - Why don’t you come lay down with your son?” “I’m not going to be of any use sitting around, that’s a mother’s job!” The male huffed before letting out a sneeze. He quickly rubbed his nose into the grass before picking his head back up to look at his son. “Plus, He’d be a lot more bearable if he had a claw or somethin’. Kid has no means of self defense!” “Yes, but he’s your child. You love him, do you not? You should be spending time with him while you can- Who knows if you’ll be here when he’s grown!” Ice persisted, lifting a heavy paw and reaching it out to meet Shadow’s. Shadow sighed, looking up at her. “Of course I love him, but he can’t even talk to me. How am I supposed to talk to someone who can’t talk back?” “He listens. He’ll listen to anything you tell him. You could tell him about back home- About your tribe, right? That story you always like to tell?” My home? Shadow looked down at the cub, who looked back up at him curiously. Shivering, her brought his son closer, laying down and giving him any warmth he had. “Hello, Frozen. I’m your dad, though this might be the last time you see me. So I’m going to tell you a story, okay? A story about the jungles, warm and dangerous. They were my home, and might one day be yours.”
  18. The tribe had settled, mothers climbing into nests as the others went to bed. Rock-jumping was a stressful thing, and only few could keep themselves awake. Though, one of the males happened to be lured to the side by a curious female, who was able to share warmth- She was like some big fluffy ape! Not looks-wise, of course. Nobody was expecting how cold the night would be, or the sudden yells from the local teen. “Hey! You over there!” Toxic called, causing the two nichelings left awake to look over. “Yeah, you! With the weird horns on yer head! D’you gots a leech on ya?” “No?” The male responded, slowly bringing a paw up to itch at his ear. “Great! Find one then! It would be super swaggy and cool of you if you did, plus if it bites you that means it gets free lunch!” “I don’t see the positives in that.” “It gets free lunch!”
  19. All alone… They were leaving in such a hurry, they left poor Fin behind! She had just stopped to talk to someone… - The tribe had made it. The bitter cold bit their noses as they began to hop, following the stones to their new island. One they could call home, hopefully.
  20. In the grasses, the tribe welcomed in two of their newest members, Fin and Cactus. Neither of them were deemed worthy enough to fill the space of leader, though they were young and full of energy! Well, Fin less so than Cactus, but they were still both little energy bundles. - Bramble stared down at Fin, narrowing his eyes whenever she happened to look back at him. Whenever such did happen, the glare had also been accompanied by a loud yell, or, call, atop the stump. Eventually, she stopped looking up, so that he’d stop being so loud. The small brown cub beside her, Bush, gnawed on a twig she happened to acquire. “Hey, why does she have that? Get that out of her mouth!” Bramble had yelled once he saw the cub. Fin glared up at him for a moment, and he glared back, before he leaned down and ripped the twig out of Bush’s jaw.
  21. I just forgot to take a lot of screenshots with these guys because I was focused on getting to the next island. The next island will have a lot more though! (It means there's not much character development for the ones you see, but others will get the chance.)
  22. (Just a little pre-warning, you don't see as much of these guys as you do anyone else) The small tribe, though doubtful, had managed their way onto the back of a large creature, said in myths to be a ‘whale’. With Bramble at the head of the tribe, and two thick-bodied children pestering him all the way across the stones, he had grown annoyed, and turned to his tribe with a bitter expression. Though his beak didn’t show it, his eyes did all the expression. “Can someone tell me why we brought these two brats along?” He hissed out angrily, causing the children to make faces at him. “Well I’m not just going to leave my child behind,” The savannah-horned female started. “And neither a tribe member’s kid.” “Oh come on, that lady was sickly, that darn kid probably has her disease too!” “Do not!” The little girl budded in. “In fact I’m very clean! I don’t hiccup nor sneeze nor cough!” “Oh shut up, nobody asked you.” “Yeah, but you talked about me! I heard it, with my own ears!” Bramble just gave Nut a glare before turning and beginning his way into the grass. The rest of the tribe followed close behind.
  23. I have too many characters with random, all over the place lore. I need a fresh start. I will still cherish my children dearly, and they may be remembered in the hearts of those who've watched my playthroughs, but they are no more bound by the lands of niche. With that being said, I plan to start over. New batch of playthroughs, deleting all my old worlds, giving new characters a chance to develope. I also plan to be a sort of.. New person? I don't want to be as 'needy' (to shine it in the light) as I was before. I want to start fresh, make new friends and develope my own personality more than just "Oh, well I like this person so I do everything with them". But to get past all the boring stuff, the random name that came from my head is Boruhm. So, with all things set aside, Welcome, to the lands of Boruhm
  24. Poor babie 💔 He protecc, but he get a lil smacc 😔
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