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  1. It is yes. I have no idea how to write yours either, but you're doing great.
  2. He is indeed trying.
  3. He appreciates the pats
  4. Hankar sat in the nest, every fiber of her body wanting so badly to claw at her own stomach. Why her? Why nobody else? Why did she have to suffer? The footsteps of another creature snapped her out of her thoughts, and she looked up to see Voice. “Are you alright? You look a bit down.” “I look down..? Are you trying to mock me?” “No, not at all! I just wanted to make sure you were okay!” Hankar glared at him for a moment before curling up in the nest. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Are you sure?” She turned her head and growled at him. “Of cou
  5. “Hi.” Oh great.. “Hello. What’s wrong?” “Nothing… Are you doing okay?” “Yeah. Why do you ask?” “I was just wondering. Bye.” Honeystain turned and ran off before Balance could even reply. “Goodbye, I guess..?” She picked at some grass, getting lost in thought again.
  6. “Why are you carrying that thing around?” Voice looked up to see Caramel, the leader, glaring down at the crabbit. “She’s my friend! We’re counting bushes together! That one behind you makes five!” “Put it down. We don’t need that thing stealing our food.” “But what if she gets lost?” “Who cares? Let it go before it becomes our dinner.” Voice stayed silent for a few moments before carefully setting Daisy down. He ushered her towards the water, keeping an eye on Caramel to make sure she wouldn’t be harmed.
  7. See, this is what happens when silly little authors don’t pay attention! You can bet the rogue got clawed in the face a few times though.
  8. Once Voice had finished counting the flowers, he went over to a nearby crabbit. He lay down in the sand and smiled down at the creature. “Hi! What’s your name?” … “Don’t wanna talk? That’s okay! My name is Voice, and I’ll call you Daisy for now, okay?” … “Don’t worry, I won’t claw at ya. Do you want to come see the other creatures here? It’ll be fun!” … The crabbit clicked its pinchers together. “I’ll take that as a yes!” Voice leaned forward and carefully picked up the crabbit with his one arm, doing
  9. There’s pretty much nothing to note here, it’s just Tick, Tock, and Caramel staring out at the water. Just dudes being bros, amiright?
  10. “Honeystain.” .. “What?” The two females stared at each other in silence. After a few heartbeats, the venom-fanged female cleared her throat. “I’m Honeystain. My name. Yup.” “Okay..? Uhm.. I’m Balance. Was there something you needed?” “You have a pretty name.” “Thanks… I’m going to get back to picking berries now.” Balance scooted away a bit before returning to trying to pick berries. Honeystain watched, not paying attention to the berries she was also trying to pick.
  11. Shgcyidfjdg. Voice loves his Flowers.
  12. “One flower, two flower, three flower, four. How many flowers is there to adore?” “A lot. Are you really going to sit there and count all of the flowers?” They stared at each other in silence, and then the spotted male gave a sweet smile. “Yup! I’ll count all of the flowers and then tell mom how many I saw!” “Your mom’s gone. They’re all gone.” “Yeah… But we’ll find them again soon! I know we will!” “I highly doubt that. You can’t know something until you see it, dumbo.” “I’m not dumb..” “Sure, keep telling yourself that.” The male loo
  13. After some well-deserved rest, the young ones started clearing the area around them. While doing so, an orange-topped nicheling struck up a conversation. “Hey wing boy, what’s your name?” The winged male lifted his head and looked over, unfocused gaze unable to meet her eyes. “My name? I’m Zapp! What about you?” “Hook, daughter of Tripwire.” She turned her gaze to the orange female. “How about you?” “Hankar.” “That’s an.. Interesting name. Can either of you two pick berries?” Hankar shook her head, and Zapp silently raised his wings.
  14. Ten young nichelings arrived on a strange island, their confusion high. Many of them had been exhausted from the journey, and started heading for higher ground. Welcome to the Lands of Leyah.
  15. Deafen as Nightmare BB, Sight as Music Man?
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