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  1. Garage band might work
  2. Have you heard of Da Vinci’a Notebook? They do this with their songs (at least the ones I’ve heard) with multiple parts and it sounds really cool. Might want to try one of theirs if you’re into it
  3. I would think they’d be salty in the dry ocean
  4. OH for a “ceiling effect” there’s this aquatic plant that grows really tall and bends at the surface, like this
  5. Why thank you, and if you do go ahead with this you better believe I will help design creatures
  6. Oh oh oh cool idea for environment: above water ocean! There could be coral like stuff, giant kelp forests, and think of all the animals you could come up with
  7. What’s art fight?
  8. Why does this sound so firmiliar
  9. I saw AMOGUS bath bomb yesterday and if I knew what poggers meant I think I’d used it
  10. Well now you have, CAW
  12. the idea of the Tree Gang as a possible threat is really cool, and I love the Prish-Pine-Puddle dynamic
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