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  1. I'm working on a side story where a case of vampirism takes over a high school marching band. It was inspired by What We do in the Shadows and my own splendid experience as a band kid.
  2. I should say that I'm terrible at following this advice. Finding the symbolic meaning behind each name is hard. I have one character who traps herself in a cage of self-hatred, and google says her name means "songbird". So for a songbird to sing it's best, it has to fly free so she has to find a way to escape that cage. I'm glad it suits her cause I've been thinking of her as this name for so long.
  3. I heard that when naming characters, you should try to make all the names different. So avoid having a Jane, a Joe, a John. These are all short, all start with the letter J, and all sound very similar. Another thing I think you should keep in mind is pick names with meaning. For example, I recently watched a movie where a man struggles with masculinity. His last name was Mann. See what they did there? He was also the hero of the story and his first name was David, who my teacher said is actually a greek hero. So try to pick names that mean something to you. Other times I just wait for the
  4. Here's some writing series on youtube I find helpful - Trope Talk and Dear Authors... This lady reminds me of stacyplays for some reason
  5. I'm severely shy around people I like but don't know well which makes it hard to connect with people, so I made this because I notice a lot of people on here like writing and I just got back into writing so I thought it be a good way to get myself talking. You can bring up characters, plots, ideas, examples... basically whatever you're proud of or what you think needs work and people can help you. Only two rules are: - No unnecessary self-criticism. Like replace "I could never come up with a believable character!" With "My characters need some work but I'll get there. Any tips?
  6. Looks like I still has a long way to go
  7. The first sentence of green's summoning was "my name is Yoshikage Kira." (I did that part by myself >:) The they probably said they are (Sum) 33 years old. Then they said something about their house and I loose it. My inner latin nerd is coming out and I love it.
  8. I think my latin teacher rick-rolled us
  9. Holy moly that was my 1,000 post. I grew up so fast.
  11. Thank you for not putting me on the blood of innocents.
  12. This brought out my extrovert size. I have the desire to be social
  13. Flying can be weird. Once I played a lot of goat simulator with the antigravity goat. It just lets u levitate limply in the sky and move around. Than I had a dream about this big room place and I kept slamming into walls limpishly and wondering why the heck it didn’t hurt. I think people from grace anatomy were there too.
  14. Just vibed very hard with a lobby. I was engaged to a cyan but they left me. (A purple started shipping us) Was a chance to release some chaotic energy. I picked a spot in the back of electric and called it my comfort zone. Green caught me hiding there and thought I was sus. Just hope they don’t beat themselves up for it
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