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  1. I agree. I just watched a video of one where two 5 strength nichelings managed to defeat one with one hit each. Baba can do it in two days with 5 hits. I am going to start calming down now.
  2. Thank you. I tried wiki but it's all from old updates. Do you know how much damage it has to take before it releases?
  3. Ok people, I need help. Nina was in the plant for 2 days and suffered 24 damage. Thats 12 damage per day. Baba and Nina have 2 strength each. Baba is right next to the plant but I know it will take Nina a day or two to get there. How long will it take for Daisy to get out with all these factors?
  4. Nina takes a siesta on Nina island, oblivious to the Peril Daisy faces.
  5. Just gotta get a little closer... FRICK (THAT WAS NOT IN THE SCRIPT)
  6. Finally, some food other than roots and clams. And on top of that, a sunplant!
  7. 'Huh? An island?' She sniff it. 'I shall call it.. Nina island!'
  8. oooooh. A purple crable. Good for friendship. 'Hello ma'am, sir. I'm...' '...Whats that?' (too much shock can blind one.)
  9. Daisy then goes over to talk to Baba. Neither of them have had much time together since they met. It was always Baba and Leo, her and Nina. But now Leo is gone, and the group dynamics won't be the same. 'Hey Baba, I was wondering if you think there are any of those healing plants here like there were in the jungle.' She says. 'Probably. The Hills had sunplants. I don't see why there couldn't be any here.' She replies. Nina's head in the background. Thats the only reason I took this screenshot.
  10. Nina walks up to the tree. 'Hey why does this one look different? Whats your deal, tree?' Daisy closly follows. 'Be careful after that plant. Can't have you getting a cocnut on the head.' 'mmmmm COCONUTS.' She exclaims.
  11. Ah! Arrival at last! And what's this? Another jungle tree? Looks like they han't escaped the jungle quite yet. 'Aw I thought this place was supposed to be different!' Nina growls. 'Nummy roots though.'
  12. Sorry but I don’t see how that would fit into the story. I’m kinda tempted though, they would make cute babies. But I wanna steer clear of having kids for now, especially with Baba. You’ll see why later. (Also they have similar immunities, but if I really wanted to I’d do it anyways)
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