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  1. I would, but many of my friends have different taste than me
  2. Anyway, I need to ask a serious question. Would you consider it a act of loyalty it someone went out to catch a fish from a pond and brought it back to you so you could look at it together only to put it back in 5 minutes??
  3. that man's personallity taste like a paper cut on your touge
  4. last week my consluer told me to think of jobs that would make a productive member of society and. it ruined my day
  5. Head 47FD3590-F264-4F98-B138-1EC294B1FA84.mp4
  6. I just got this game called Rival Star Horse Racing and I cannot believe it’s free. You live in Ireland and the goal is to buy/breed race horses. You also get to control the horse in races so it’s not just random. The genetics of the game are less predicable than in niche, but you can pay to research your horses recessive genes before you breed them if you what. Graphics are also amazing. Tell me if you get it cause we might be able to connect or something. Here’s my Biscuit line
  7. Ok, so maybe not the most notable nichelings looks-wise but I think this family's story is pretty interesting. Golden Hawk is on the left, he was adopted by the Queen (middle, I forget her name). They were both iceberg nicheling but from separate islands so they have a special bond. This Queen also has a bio daughter whose immunity lines up with Golden Hawk. I didn't want to breed them for a while because I don't really need or want wings in this tribe. So to continue the lineage I bred the daughter (not in this picture btw) with a Bearyena and she had Hawk! (right) Then suddenly I was ok with wings being in the tribe I guess and I made Golden Hawk and Lula (the daughter) mates. They plan to raise Hawk like his bio-dad is Golden Hawk and never tell him about his bearyena heritage. Even the Queen doesn't know.
  8. AWWW I love him! Here’s Muddy. Someone made eir flower crown to big so now it’s a lei.
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