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  1. I'm on my 8-9 day now. Found the farmhouse. I'm trying to go wolf hunting because it's a small goal of mine to craft the wolf-skin coat, but it's really hard. I almost died the other day because I was attack by a wolf at the same time a blizzard started. There are four of them just chilling in the field. Also I killed a deer and now I has food for a while. It was very stressful trying to harvest it though, because the wolves were close by. Luckily they didn't notice me the whole time.
  2. Is there a reason the wanderer is all alone? If so, is it important? Bluejay has never really been around any other nichelings until now so would this make her different then if she had? Is she happy to see this stranger or not? idk just some questions that may help jump start the process. Hope it helps!
  3. I tried getting the speech thingy the people say at a wedding but instead I got some many sketchy "get your ordination license online today!" websites that I decided to go from memory. Also I be lying if I said I wasn't considering it.
  4. Floo now sitting alone, thinks to himself. Despite his positive attitude, he thought today would be about him becoming a third wheel, but it was actually about much more. He hums on berries. It was about his two friends starting a new chapter in life and even if he's not married, he can still be a part of it. He knows they'll have many good times after this, and maybe even some little ones Floo can look after.
  5. 'Then, by the power invested in me, and by the state of Blue Bird Bay, I now pronounce you both.... mates. You may kiss... or something.' And that is that. Glacier and Rosie are married now. After a few coconuts and a small after party, the newly weds go to retire for the night, leaving Floo to be alone.
  6. 'Come friends! We are gather here today to celebrate the union of two very important nichelings, Rosie and Glacier.' Floo starts loudly. He wants the whole island to hear this for it is very a very important day for all of them. 'Now Glacier,' He turns to Glacier, 'do you take Rosie to be your mate, through sickness and heath?' 'I do,' he replies. He turns to Rosie and repeats. 'I do,' she says.
  7. After seeing the blood sucker, Floo gets a little squeamish. 'Lets start this thing, shall we?'
  8. And then, it begins. Glacier, covered decoratively in seaweed, steps out from the bay and onto the damp, rainy shore. He takes a deep breath and starts walking towards the tree where his best friend and mate-to be await. As he approaches, he can see Rosie smiling, quite amazed by his efforts. Glacier comes to a stop at Rosie's right. They glance shyly at each other, each blushing redly. Rosie notices the blood sucker attached to Glacier and picks it off affectionately.
  9. Back at the tree, Rosie paces around excitedly. She had given up on finding a mate long ago, and now that it was finally happening, she couldn't contain her happiness. The only problem now was the rain. She had always imagined this day as bright and sunny. 'Floo, it's raining,' she says. 'Won't Glacier want to wait till another time?' 'No, you guys couldn't have picked a better day.' He says to her, 'Glacier told me once that in his tribe, those nichelings who got married in rain or snow were the happiest couples. It's good luck.' This makes her feel better.
  10. And finally, the day has arrived. Glacier sits at the bottom of the bay, awaiting nervously with his best man. 'What if she doesn't like the seaweed, and would rather me wear something more land-breather like?' He turns to the crab. 'Do you think she'll like it?' He stares deep into the crabs orange eyes. They remind him of his childhood, in the waters of the cold, mountainous island where the crabs roamed around on the bottom of the ocean. Thinking back to his home island calms him. 'Okay, I think I'm alright now. Thanks little guy.' The crab keeps staring back. He remains quiet, but his eyes say your welcome. Glacier's so busy thinking about the wedding that he fails to notice the blood sucker.
  11. Rosie goes to sit under the tree. Here, she will prepare herself for the ceremony. Floo, with his great sense of fashion, recommended using berry juice as a soft of makeup/ceremonial paint. He thinks the dark purple will mix well with her dark red fur.
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