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  1. Sorry but I think I’ll pass this time
  2. I’d be happy to start on some concept sketches once you have some characters
  3. Three kingdoms, three kings/queens, and one who feels like they should be one of those king/queens.
  4. Hights, drowning, and public speaking. Nothing unusual
  5. Yesterday in TLD I wanted to get rid of some wolves outside my base on jackrabbit so I went out with two flares and my revolver. I couldn’t shoot one with a revolver, my aim was so bad. So I decided I would try the bow I had. I only had one arrow, so I did my thing, dropped the flare and shot. I missed him of course and I switch back to the revolver in a second. As he ran passed me, scared from the arrow I just fired, I miss clicked on my revolver BY ACCIDENT and fired. By chance, I shot the wolf dead as it was running without any thought as to where the heck I was shooting. I was so happy eve
  6. I’d play among us or something but I have to go somewher for some time.
  7. Look at all those chickens became - sitting upon the young to look into their
  8. Ok I double translated - I like the city in the east of the garden, where there is grass, which is the pretty girls to go to the green
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