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  1. My game just randomly reverted to the way it was over a month ago, and I've tried all the stuff it says to do. Big sad. Just so it doesn't happen again I want to know how to make savefiles, and I might put them in a USB or something like that. Also I'm terrible with computers, like you have no idea.
  2. Please draw my dodomingo, Suzy. I usually don't show mercy to dodomingos, but Suzy's a special birb. Thank you. Sorry, Breeze blinked.
  3. Thank you for sharing this Really, thank you
  4. Huge pattern and big pattern pattern density very thin and pattern density thick
  5. I think they should add the bull horns
  6. 0w0 oops i see now 😅 Also your animals are great, your drawing of Sprigflower is proof. (I saw it while lurking around in the fanart section)
  7. "the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts." - google I use it more for art though. Knowing anatomy is a good skill to have, especially for scientific drawings. Hope this helped 😀
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