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  1. After yesterday I need some time to think
  2. I think it just arrived on netflix
  3. But seriously gaming biscuit, you need to watch rango. The sound track is like crack to my ears.
  4. Yeah that got kinda weird towards the end...
  5. Crap sorry mother Levin calls me for dinner. Be back in 20-30?
  6. Does anyone what to play among us with me??.?.?
  7. Rub not dumb. I thought it was spelled like rumb
  8. Just got an ad that started with “I can help u get your manhood back” YouTube don’t know me
  9. It’s the police man, they trya come for me shhhhhhhh
  10. Can I have a warning point or not? I feel unforfilled
  11. the natural way is a scam, so adopting orphans is good alternative.
  12. Cause ya know with all the cultish activity going on
  13. Also I wanted to mention this place is not a cult, it’s me tread of the home. Ask a question, reseev a question, that kinda stuff
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